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    wales.....20 miles from bron-y-aur
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    ermmmm.....led zeppelin.....and lesser mortal artistes(miles davis,joni,neil young etc.)the natural world,my wonderful daughter,my dog Bobby(yes he is black)films,books,good coffee beer and wine and still hoping there's some socialism left in the labour party...lmao
  1. This site certainly helped me to have a defining moment as not getting lucky with the lottery I managed to bag a spare ticket from another member(hi Alvaro,still ever so grateful here ).I was going up to the gig anyway in the hope i could somehow get in,the postponement helped too.Can't wait for the dvd now to relive it all over again
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. jst noticed in my slightly strung out state on tuesday morning i posted in the Birmingham AL,thread..what an ass!what a gig.any1 off to cardiff later today,have a great gig,wished i could have made it to my capital city too but time constraints forced me 2 brum.ive been on a great roll,last 3 gigs, robert at the green man,the o2 gig and monday at the NIA...now i can die easy....
  4. OOOPS in my stunned haze i ended up in Alabama rather than the NIA,sorry folks...Doh!
  5. Last night rounded off a wonderful hat trick of gigs starting last August with Robert and SS at the Green Man Festival,followed by the awesome(and still hasnt sunk in all these months later that i was there)O2 gig.There's plenty here I know who feel Robert should be sharing a stage right now with Jimmy,JPJ and Jason,but at the NIA you could see quite clearly why he wasnt.Sure there was pressure and anticipation aplenty but he was as relaxed as ive ever seen him and having fun.It's almost Honeydrippers territory,great band,bunch of great songs and whilst the spotlight shines brightest on him,he
  6. Hear hear,i was there,and ive played 3 dif sourced boots on rotation since and was doubly happy for Jason.I agree with the comment bout a back to basics approach a la the 80 tour,they stripped it down to its essence and I for one was glad we had 16 songs rather than 12 or whatever had No Quarter,Dazed and WLL stretched out.It wasnt a night for that and maybe a tour enviroment would allow them to extemporise in the future,tho' I fear not,if they do tour it wont be a long enough to allow the band to experiment.Also they wanted to get it bang on on the night,no fuck ups as in the past...and they
  7. "If people dont talk about a tour,anything is likely.The more people talk,the more pressure on everybody" Robert Plant,Rolling Stone Did he think people wouldnt talk about a tour tho'?I was lucky(and wilful)to get in last week,there are a hell of a lot more people who didnt and would love a tour(and me!i want more,think theyd stretch out a bit more under touring conditions)...maybe if we all just whisper about it... ;)and yes,i'm booked for cardiff
  8. I ,too, was flabbergasted at the "traffic" goin in n out for beer,pizza etc....unfcknbelievable..I was bursting for a piss about half way through but no way was I goin out of there..would rather have wet myself...I didnt btw....
  9. Have as many cigars as u need evster..yr bang on the money..due 2 a combo of family holiday,me being just 13 etc i missed knebby...my day said you can see them next time.....i did last nght..and it was worth every second of waiting(i forgave him btw.."been a long time" tho)i wanted to hug them all last night..i wanted to hug everybody...there's led zeppelin...and then there's everybody else...i'm 2 fucked aftr a manic few days getting there and getting back home but let's big it up 4 jason...and RP,JPJ and Jimmy..you delivered...big time and if your sun refuses to shine on stage again...you di
  10. yr keepin me awake now....stargazer's a great track....but judging this by D'yer Maker...puhlease....play fair
  11. ...and my final words before bed...Steve Morse is certainly better than RB 2.....now you know y i dont go near the purple forums lol.sleep well all...off to dream that by some quirk of fate i get jeremy clarkson's ticket..even if it means sittin next to the editor of The Sun!!!!!!!!!
  12. i'm a crap guitarist but i could manage Stargazer!!!
  13. blackmore never had that imagination that JP had in putting tracks 2gether/and solos...suggest yr hubby gets Presence on the headphones now...Tommy Bolin was a better guitarist than Blackmore!discuss that ..perhaps on another site altogether
  14. You obviously didnt marry him for his musical judgement...lol I remember arguing very same thing with my cousin's(much older boyfriend)when i was 13...the philistine ended up punchin the hell out of me....I would not back down then and sure as hell wouldnt now....does he dig Richie's xmas album btw?
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