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  1. I notice how cats like to stay/sit down around something that has a similar colour as them.
  2. Super long cat shelia. Very cute though
  3. She's gorgeous Kat. I used to have a dog like her, I dunno if it's the same breed name in Czech, over here it's called a Yorkshire terrier.
  4. I would of loved to see Deep Purple, hopefully they will play a gig! Blackmore guitar playing is just amazing, I think he's definitely up there with the greatest guitarists ever! Sometimes a bit underrated imo. Blackmore invented so many basic and easy riffs, but they all sounded very brilliant and unique. Listening to Wring That Neck (Live) right now, just awesome guitar playing.
  5. Planning on going to see Roger Walters playing Dark Side of the Moon (again), whenever he comes to London. Also planning on getting tickets to see The Cult.
  6. Also Led Zeppelin wanted to impress the American audience, Peter Grant and Jimmy Page knew thats where the money was. Thats why they played more gigs and tours in the US than in the UK. Though it's true Peter Grant changed the name from Lead to Led, so he wouldn't confuse the US fans into thinking it was lead as in ahead.
  7. Dunno If anyone is interested but I took a couple of photos of a guitar signed by Hendrix and the Experience, in a rock museum a couple of months back and the unmistakable signature:
  8. My thoughts exactly. Where have all the good bands gone? But anyway, Appetite for Destruction was my favorite album, they have my all time favorites songs from GNR on that album, apart from November Rain of course. Great band.
  9. Eh, No Quarter or The Ocean, can't decide which.
  10. It's naive to think we're the only life in the universe when you look at the size and scale of things.
  11. I noticed that you were a good picture quality and the background wasn't. Great picture anyway.
  12. Got the entire Woodstock Gig on my ipod. Bloody brilliant show.
  13. John Lennon, easy pick.
  14. I insist you must! We'll be even if you do, just imagine how look it took me to make those sigs. Oh and thanks noora :> you have nice lips too
  15. Thats the real me , do I get a handsome as well noora?
  16. Yeah, I take it back.. *IT* should be about how good me and you look on this topic.
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