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  1. No plans that I know of but Led Zeppelin on SACD would be sweet indeed. Any that have heard the early Stones albums on SACD can attest to their fantastic sound quality.
  2. happy birthday!! belated but nonetheless

  3. I hear that mate. I can recall spending 3 hours in the video store, trying to decide on a movie to rent (Oct 13 here).
  4. Not to come across as an annoying pedant, but I think the word you were looking for is penchant. I say this because I like finding out when I'm wrong.
  5. Jimmy certainly had a lot to do with it. He believed (rightly so) that the drums are an acoustic instrument, therefore they need room to breathe. He was said to place mics near the drums, as well as away from them, just like he did with his guitar amps. Apparently, Page could sometimes be heard muttering to himself, "Distance is depth" whilst in the studio.
  6. This is so overblown it's not funny. He simply says that he doesn't like a Led Zeppelin song, then I see people here saying they don't agree with him. Don't agree with him not liking a song? That makes sense...
  7. As a drummer, I think a song like FYL is amazing to play. It's the type of tune you can kind of sit back in and really lose yourself in. For me, a song like this early on in the set would be a chance to really knuckle down after a few looseners.
  8. Good idea! I'd love to see Bonham destroying Jones's room with a samurai sword.
  9. This really irks me too. On the Trainspotter bootleg from the O2, some woman keeps yelling out, "No Quarter!". I found myself yelling back, "What are they, a fucking jukebox?!"
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