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  1. LOL,Bongman you cheered up my day! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHERE THE hell you get that?
  2. If you want to see me go to myspace/Lizalll.com I have a full body shot and one of just my face.
  3. Rainbow in the dark by Rainbow Jailbreak...Acdc Wrong thread.
  4. rainbow in the dark.....I don't know who that is I think Rainbow Jailbreak...ACDC
  5. Can't stop loving you....led Blood lies bleeding.....elton John Sorry Love lies bleeding.
  6. ,lol.....ummmm... in shock!
  7. I wonder what Robert meant when he said in the Tangerin song who is his queen?
  8. Going to the mountains where the spirits fly. And she's is buying a stairway to heaven. communication breakdown always the same having a nervous breakdown Im going insane.
  9. I have always been in love with him since I saw him since high school.I will always be in love with him and Robert,ect.The way he stands on stage like he is ready to you know what.The way he sweats when he plays his guitar.I know he would have made me so happy.He would have took me home.The way he places his fingers on his guitar.The way he smiles and the way he laughs and smiles while he is playing.His lips,sexy and curly you want to kiss him all night long.Stroke his hair,play with it like a barbie doll.Feeling him kissing me,
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