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  1. Yes those were great.I love jimmy's fir coat wish i had one i need a coat damn it it's cold!Thank you.
  2. I would vote for Hillary because I am a woman and i always vote for woman whenever i voted last time a few years ago. But i like John Edwards,too.
  3. LOL,Bongman you cheered up my day! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHERE THE hell you get that?
  4. Thank you hi Andy. Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue wants to open up a music program for the homeless youth.He said he really wants to do it i forgot what it was called.It's a place where teens are homeless and it's I think it's called the Dream Center in Hollywood. Somtimes I see the homeless teenagers on Hollywood Blvd. and I try to support and not put them down and encourage them to do something in music.Also i tell them don't do drugs it's not cool i don't do it.I think they really like the way i support them sometimes. I feel sorry for them i know what it like.Thank God I wasn't homeless when i was a teenager or i didn't run away but I didn't ahve many friends and I was a loner so i know how it feels to feel lonely that noone cares. Ya I just have alot to catch up on if I send my resume at capitol Records they say the will help me give me an inernshipMaybe even I wouldn't mind to work on some Led Zeppelin songs like do some mixes in the studio on their next album?lol ot wahetver they are working on,lol.
  5. Andy what charity is it sometimes i give.the last time I gave to the hungry people in Africa.I gave about 100 dollars.I had some extra money I got from a settlement.i won 50,000!I gave to some churches I listen to some sermons sometimes,too,lol. Those kids must be mesdmermized!Were you in America or london or do you live in London? If they come to the Hollywood Bowl,I willl go see them becuase it means alot to me this band.Lots of memories. I don't really have dreams that would come true.lol,Not the impossible dreams but the possible dreams like trying to be succesful,are one of them.Trying to get out of my disability so I can work on my career is to be a recording engineer.I graduated I went to the Los Angeles recording workedhop in Studio city back in 1990!!!!!!!!!! I was the best in my class.I had the BEST mix!!!! But all i need to do is send my resume to Capitol Records ih Hollywood I am almost working on it. I am trying to recover from cancer! Well you sure got your wish come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Merry Christmas Andy.you are lucky you went there.did you go alone or with some friends? What was it like?
  7. If you want to see me go to myspace/Lizalll.com I have a full body shot and one of just my face.
  8. Rainbow in the dark by Rainbow Jailbreak...Acdc Wrong thread.
  9. rainbow in the dark.....I don't know who that is I think Rainbow Jailbreak...ACDC
  10. just wanted to add this one about if you love somebody set them free if they come back it was meant to be. I think it is true tried it once and they came back but it wasn't meant to be or they came back and had another girlfriend.I wouldn't let them go while you have them in the first place if they do you will get your hear broken.That little poem doen't work.Did anybody experience anything?
  11. When i was playing piano when i was a kid I got the music fromStairway to heaven and played it by ear.You would think it's easy it's not easy.I decided to get the sheet music.
  12. You guys answered alot of my question.it is amazing how people meet from those areas.
  13. I never heard of Sibly.Can someone send me the song?Which album it is on? and the Rover. Hearbreaker I can't quit you Stairway to heaven Good times bad times
  14. I don't think Robert was doing heavy drugs.Jimmy was.It probably was jimmy who inspired him while writing the music to that song while he was writing his lyrics,lol.
  15. Thank you deadblack.I was reading your post on the Ramble on thread. read it! It's okay.i don't expect nothing.
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