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  1. I just got this from gotickets.com: CONCERT TICKET ALERT - Reports: Robert Plant agrees to join Led Zeppelin for reunion Rock legends LED ZEPPELIN are set for a reunion tour after singer ROBERT PLANT finally caved in and agreed to join them. Guitarist JIMMY PAGE, 64, bassist JOHN PAUL JONES, 62, and drummer JASON BONHAM, 42, had resigned themselves to touring without Plant. They even rehearsed with stand-in singers - and one American was so impressive they were confident they could hit the road next year without Plant. That was what finally persuaded him to return.
  2. From an email sent to me via gotickets.com "There is a buzz about town that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham want to tour in early 2009 with or without lead singer Robert Plant. Fans are going to have to wait and see! Stay tune for the all the latest information on Led Zeppelin with Concert Alerts from GoTickets."
  3. There is some real bollocks in that article though - straight away: "In the end, the scalpers prevailed to some degree, with one eager (and wealthy) fan paying a reported $160,000 for two tickets in the front row." Rubbish. That was for charity. £88,000 or something wasn't it, and it wasn't just the concert he got out of it either. The amount of bullshit about everything at the moment is starting to piss me off. There is even bullshit about the bullshit! As much as (like the next man) I'd love to see them do a tour or a couple of gigs, I'm getting to the point now where I don't re
  4. So how this forum should be run: speculate, moderate, consolidate?
  5. What has any of that got to do with being a Led Zepp fan? Just look like spam to me.
  6. Wasn't this cleared up on another thread, that it wasn't Led Zep. or Warners that had instructed YouTube to move them. ?
  7. Umm.. I have Earls Court.
  8. From here: http://www.aeroforceone.com/index.cfm/pk/v...72918/pid/10798 "It was dangerously close to showtime and I had to find my seat. On my way I spotted Mr. Udo the famed Japanese promoter. I was just as happy to see him as I was Page. He asked how the band was doing and wished them well. I also said hi to Dick (Scatman) Carruthers who was filming the show for a DVD." Note, "Carruthers who was filming the show for a DVD."
  9. Do you want one? If so, go here: http://www.ahmettribute.com/shop.html Don't buy one from those conning bastards from ebay when you can get one here for RRP.
  10. I can't believe people are selling these on ebay, and some starting at £40 or some stupid price. Still the idiots are the ones bidding more than £20, because you can still get them from the concert site for £20.
  11. That has to be one of the most heart warming stories ever. I'm amazed people like this still exist!
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