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  1. I'm 43. If they decide to share with the fans and tour either in the states here, or other places in Europe, I will travel to see them. Ive seen Robert Plant solo several times,and also Jimmy's assorted projects when he has toured....ie The Firm.
  2. Agreed. I appreciate Gilmour and Page for what they each do on the guitar, and the differences they bring to the table. I couldn't ever fathom saying one is better then another- I dont relate to music in that way. Music is an artform, and I dont put labels on it as such.
  3. I agree with you at times about some of the attitudes Ive seen at Met's shows. Im 43, and female and sometimes I see stuff where I want to shake my head and go grow up already. I never got into any of BS at shows when I was younger; Ive always gone to shows to appreciate the music, the musicians and enjoy-- not be a destructive idiot or bother other people. Going to concerts should be about that...not seeing how drunk/stoned etc you can be and make an ass of yourself. I understand music theory, and dont go to a show just to "be there" which many people do these days. I will feel honored to see
  4. Excellent answer. I'm a huge fan of both Metallica and Zeppelin. That being said, I can see the pros and cons of them sharing a stage. Led Zeppelin obviously doesnt need any opening acts and neither does Metallica. However, neither band is going to do a 3-4 hour set anymore either. Jimmy Page has stated that, and the guys in Metallica usually do about 2 hours 20 minutes these days. The above poster mentioned how Zeppelin has been supportive of other bands; Page visited Metallica in their dressing room before their gig @ Wembley in July(the day after Live Earth) and watched the show from a priv
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