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  1. I always loved the Version of Celebration Day on the original TSRTS soundtrack - but subsequent reissues and remasters seem to all be different variants, still hard to find that original version I like the best!
  2. Just curious, anyone know what's going on in Washington Park today?some entrances closed to traffic

  3. Albany straw poll - what's your favorite Local pizza place (that isn't a chain).- Go!:

  4. Peeps familiar with Western Mass, especially Northampton area - any B&Bs or hotels you'd recommend for a night? Trying to plan for possible October visit...

  5. Rumor that a body may have been found near SUNY Albany/Nanotech -old Meadowlands, eat your heart out! #makeshiftgraveyeard

  6. Drive-thru caffeine injection ?Baker street???

  7. "Motorin'!" - "Sister Christian" at the UPS Store.

  8. Tummy extremely full and satisfied after dining on spinach tortellini & perline pasta in homemade pesto, crab-stuffed flounder, and farm-fresh zucchini sautéed in olive oil (veggies courtesy of Laurie Constable) - all cooked up by the best wife and mommy I know, Megan Prokorym. ?

  9. Just Fyi, "Free Bird" is playing on PIX 106 RIGHT NOW- hurry, this only happens twice a day!! #CrotchetySunday

  10. Actor I was given by Christopher Mazura: Christopher Guest Movie I loved: This is Spinal Tap! (& Waiting for Guffman) Movie I liked: The Princess Bride (& Best in Show, & A Mighty Wind) Movie I Secretly like: A Few Good Men Movie I dislike: For Your Consideration Movie I still want to see: Family Tree (TV Series on HBO) Like this post and I'll send you the name of an actor.

  11. Director assigned to me by Kevin Marshall: David Lynch Movie I Love: Blue Velvet Movie I Like: The Straight Story Movie I Hate Liking: Lost Highway Movie I Dislike: Inland Empire Movie I Have Not Seen: Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me Director assigned to me by Frank Gentile: Ridley Scott Movie I Love: Blade Runner Movie I Like: Alien Movie I Hate Liking: Prometheus Movie I Dislike: Black Rain Movie I Have Not Seen: Black Hawk Down Like this post and I will assign you a director.

  12. Listening to the version of the last Swamp Baby album that's on Spotify - hmmm, these are DEFINITELY not the final mixes of said album. Pirate copy? (beware Harith Saam, Wendy Saam, Matthew Loiacono, et al.)

  13. Celebration Day for Christmas - can I wait that long?

  14. After salmon, asparagus and couscous for dinner, Meg made country style pork ribs and mac and cheese for lunches and dinners the rest of the week - the smell of yumminess has had my salivary glands in overdrive for more than an hour now

  15. Itunes Shuffle is on a roll- after the new Dr. John, heard "No Awareness" by Dr. Octagon, "Tack Ska Ni Ha" by Dungen, "Love Wants to Stay" from the new Swamp Baby album, then "Day Tripper" by the Beatles - Good run

  16. So Albany, how are you holding up out there? No riots, i hope?

  17. The Firm Nassau Coliseum 3 April 1986 I was 11 years old, and had started getting heavily into Zeppelin the year before. up to until that point, I liked rock, but mostly listened to Top 40. I was actually a fan of Plant's song "Little by Little" when it came out June of '85 - then my interest was piqued, when I foudn out that Plant was the singer in the very nysterious Led Zeppelin. I watched Live Aid mostly for their performance and, though I could tell it was a bit rough, I enjoyed it. Then I started buying the albums, all on cassette - first 'Zoso', which blew my mind - then I went through buying the catalog. I longed for them to reunite (like all of us), but the next best thing, Jimmy was coming close to town! I was thrilled to see and hear my hero in the flesh. Its the only time I've got to see him perform live (I was away in the Air Force when Page/Plant toured, otherwise I surely would have gone). Great way to start my concert going experience, though, with the cream of the crop - Jimmy!
  18. I'm 99% sure that the show I saw in April 86 at Nassau Coliseum was for the Mean Business tour - remember buying the vinyl LP and boning up on it before the show.
  19. I saw the Firm on the same tour at Nassau Coliseum - in fact, it was my first official concert-going experience (as I was 12 yrs old, was accompanied by my Dad) I remember being thrilled to see Jimmy with the bow and the green laser pyramid. Virginia Woolf, with Jason Bonham, also opened the show - for a young, budding Zephead, I was very happy!
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