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  1. If I had to choose, then it would be a simple choice for me. One of my other favourite bands. Foreigner
  2. Apparently, looking to hit Madison Square Garden next.. That would be nice.. I'd have to get to America first, but anything like that to see Zeppelin. I wasn't around in their time, shame that, but I really do hope that they go on tour, and give everyone the chance, to stand and watch true greatness.
  3. All of my love does not suck a**. It is actually up there with the best of them, but coming from me, they are all that good. I second that opinion.
  4. It does seem very unfair, about these celebrities getting free tickets. They should be paying still, seeing as it is a Tribute show. On the second point of empty seats, I personally am dissapointed about that. I agree with you. Ardent fans would take anything they can get their hands on!
  5. First of all, lucky you for being able to go see them! Secondly they are awesome photos, nice job!
  6. Leland


    Hey! I'm back on the brand new spanking forum. Such a great community to be a part of, speaking to Zeppaholics of all ages. I saw some videos of the reunion concert (shame I could not get tickets) and I have to say, they look like they've still got it. Truly The Greatest Rock band ever. Leland
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