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  1. Lots of personal photos with the band: http://www.geocities.ws/out_on_tiles/photopageone.html And lots of Autographs: http://www.geocities.ws/out_on_tiles/autographs.html Sorry for the Geocities webpage, lol! We'll update that one of these days...
  2. The interview with Charlie Rose will probably air on the Charlie Rose Show
  3. Where exactly to you live. The theaters on the list are all of the major theater chains in the U.S.. Hard to believe you don't have a Landmark, Marcus or Harkins near you... Just curious.
  4. Announcement looks like it will be Thursday according to the countdown! Looking forward to then!
  5. I've met Jimmy a few times over the years and he was always kind and generous and accomodated us with autographs and pictures. Yes, there are some idiot fans out there who would like to sniff his underwear, but if you're respectful, not pushy and get to him in a one-on-one situation, he is very nice!
  6. Would anyone happen to know the presale password for the Band of Joy gig at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor? Ticketmaster is having two presales on Wednesday, Dec. 8 - one listed as a Live Nation Presale and another listed as the Ark Presale. Curious if anyone has these. Cheers!
  7. I've seen Robert close to 30 times, and have never heard of him doing a VIP reception before or after the show, so I think it's rare for him. I've also met him more than a dozen times, but it was never outside his tour bus and rarely outside the venue - mostly backstage or at his hotel, etc...
  8. Walter, Ticketmaster doesn't handle all of the shows. Clearwater tickets are currently on sale here: http://www.rutheckerdhall.com/event/jason-bonhams-led-zeppelin/8129/?loc=event-buy
  9. "First Leg" means that there will be a second group of concerts in other cities after a break. "More dates in the fall" means that there will be more dates in the fall. HIghly doubful he'd play in any international destination outside of his homeland of Great Britain. He hasn't been to South American and Japan since '95 or '98, and I doubt those are the markets for contry/bluegrass music for an obscure band. Cameroon is also doubtful.
  10. I've never thought of them as snobby either. Over the last 10 years or so, I've gotten Jimmy, Robert, and John Paul Jones' autographs nearly 60 times. There's been a few times where they simply haven't been in the mood, but more often than not, they've always obliged. Although I do see how old it must get for them... One of the keys is having something interesting for them to sign instead of a Led Zeppelin album cover (although I have all nine signed by Robert and John Paul) Album covers scream 'I'm an autograph hawker and am going to try and sell these on eBay, even though they'll only fetch
  11. quote name='Walter' date='Aug 27 2008, 03:05 PM' post='243215'] What was up with NBC's sound that night? Costas was waaay louder than Lewis or Pagey's guitar!
  12. MOFFO - Haven't posted the pics, but did post several videos from the front row here: http://www.geocities.com/out_on_tiles/o2videos.html
  13. How is this considered "news"? Robert and Alison announced they would be touring in 2008 to support Raising Sand several months ago when the album was released. They only formally announced official dates last week. Did anyone really expect that he'd cancel the Tour with AK for some reason all of the sudden?
  14. My buddy and I got pretty lucky. I won the lottery, so we paid face value for the tickets. We used my frequent flyer miles for the airline tickets from the States so only had to pay the taxes at about $120/apiece. Paid for three nights at a relatively cheap hotel right near the venue for $400 U.S. all in. Then, factor in some incidentals like Tube fare, souvenirs at the O2 and food and our total came to just about $900 U.S. each. Not bad considering what it could have cost us! http://geocities.com/out_on_tiles/
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