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  1. Cilla Black https://youtu.be/Jdq6w2Btmm0
  2. It has just been confirmed that Chris Squire has died who also worked with Jimmy on XYZ.
  3. 11/24/2014 All the new pictures can be found in the new section of his website.
  4. Instead of an On This Day, Jimmy put the book to be pre-ordered on his website 10/07/2014
  5. aen27

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    She hears news from the forum. I think it was more than one person who was the problem. It was the same party on Halloween, but the party for the release of Silk Torpedo.
  6. aen27

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Knebby confirmed them. That is exactly where they came from, so I was correct. Peter is seated next to Jimmy in the second one.
  7. aen27

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    You're welcome. I recognize the outfit from knebby's own photograph of Jimmy arriving and pictures that Sam has posted from the event. This is also the invitation. According to forum member, Zish, Jimmy was not schudled to even go to that, only Robert and Jonsey, who are on the invitation. I am pretty sure that they are the same day. I can show them to knebby. She would know exactly what they are. That is interesting information about the carnation, seeing that party was in 1974 for Swan Song's release of Pretty Things's Silk Torpedo.
  8. aen27

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Its his outfit for the Golden Lion Raffle making it December 1981! I love this and the other one! They are both new to me thank you, you made my night!
  9. aen27

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I agree, Lif. Jimmy has not confirmed any romantic relationship with her and I feel we really shouldn't be dissussing this until we would hear directly from him. She is a friend of Peter Makowski's so all is known is they know each other. There would be many more pictures if this was true and there have been none proving this. This a picture thread of Jimmy, by the way.
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