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  1. You mean 1974. I have never seen a credit for this photograph.
  2. Cilla Black https://youtu.be/Jdq6w2Btmm0
  3. It has just been confirmed that Chris Squire has died who also worked with Jimmy on XYZ.
  4. Sam would not have posted this here for no reason.
  5. 11/24/2014 All the new pictures can be found in the new section of his website.
  6. The time that Robert invited Jimmy was right in the middle of Jimmy's tour of Japan with David Coverdale, which was cut short to Jimmy. Jmmy has made it sound that Robert was jealous of him working with David.
  7. And the art articitect William Burges who designed, built and lived in Tower House as well parts of Cardiff Castle and others.... http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/8214-william-burges/
  8. I agree with you. I just ordered this and can not wait to read it in full. I really feel something is coming over this next year. We will just have to wait and see. 2015 may become a very important year for Jimmy.
  9. This was so moving to watch Jimmy in this especially knowing the opposite ends how he and Robert feel about the song now. Almost painful.
  10. She is Ross's assistant. It's his humor. Jimmy was so lovely with that man who broke down in front of him today.
  11. Ross's pictures/take from today. Went to the Budokan today where NHK TV were filming part of a Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin TV Special. Took a photo of Jimmy in the stalls. Spent the evening at Kinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku where there was a book signing. One fan stood in front of JP and was so overcome he just cried,he couldn’t even talk he must have been frightened by Kazuyo. I think most of the people were just in awe of him being there. http://www.rosshalfin.com/diary/october-2014/diary-october-2014.php
  12. Instead of an On This Day, Jimmy put the book to be pre-ordered on his website 10/07/2014
  13. When I first heard this yesterday, it seemed practically confirmed, so.I.thought Jimmy had confirmed it the way Cookie reported it in Led Zeppelin News. I feel something is coming this time too.
  14. It sounded the most real as I have ever heard it. I don't think it's just talk this time, but maybe I am already getting my hopes up.
  15. Thanks for identifying the interviewer as being Royston Ellis. Jimmy of course did and does know him. In fact, one of his very first On this Days is about him. I was amazed also with the quality. It was gorgeous on the level on theatrical film quality. I loved that he wanted to be an artist and how he holding the pen and the tablet. Thanks so much again for sharing this with us.
  16. This was just shared on facebook and I loved it!!! It was absolutely fasincating to see. He was 19 when he did this interview. I love his accent in these interviews pre 1980. I love listening to him. Thanks for posting this. It needed to be here. You're right syclla, Jackie said that Jimmy wanted to live in a commun in Cornwall and make pottery.
  17. I own the orginal, as well and know its content. You are correct, Steve. Jimmy did not have to take time to add to an already stunning book.
  18. I would too, especially since I can't make the ones coming up. I also am very much looking forward to both. I notice that too.
  19. I am so hopeful about that. I think he knows its time. I am so impressed that he added to the new book. He said goes through Berklee. The orginal book only goes to It Might Get Loud.
  20. This interview is written out in the September issue of Uncut. My only hope is that Jimmy does not see it as a critisism. I too want new music and have been waiting since he has promised in late 2006 at the UK Hall of Fame.
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