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  1. Hey folks! Looks like I found the place were this photograph was shot. Could it be it? Look at first picture. It looks like it.
  2. There is Russian rock but it's not even close to British one. All right. Got my ticket with me. Got my Lager with me))) I'm off to the show. I'm sure it's gonna be a blast!
  3. I seriously doubt that PM Putin likes Russian rock and Beatles. Never heard of him loving British Hard Rock. But our president Medvedev is Hard Rock Fan indeed and God knows if he's gonna visit the show... This Saturday is gonna be a hell of a day! There will be two Zep Tribute gigs in one day. First one - daytime open-air festival with Russian rock and jazz musicians playing Led Zeppelin. But the headliner will be Boot-Led-Zeppelin. An amazing Led Zep cover band from England. All this will take place in Green Theatre. Another gig will take place in B2 Night Club starting from 11p
  4. That is just awful. Very, very very sad news. What can I say? Another hopes for possible future eagerly-awaited reunion have been just broken to itty-bitty pieces.
  5. Has anyone of you been to the second Oakland show ? The July 24, 1977 was 'the' last Zep show in America indeed (hope not last ever) I heard it was way better than the first one. Judging from the audience recording I own - it really is ! I'm gonna play it back this evening to commemorate that historical event!
  6. Does anybody know the songs they played?
  7. Is the quality of 8-track recording (for instance - bootleg) better than the quality of usual compact cassette? And is there a chance that some of the Zep showes where taped with portable 8-track by audience?
  8. Wow, haven't heard anything about that fact. I was sure that last concert date of 1975 was the last Earls Court concert. Now it turnes out that there was "another" December 10th gig. What songs did they perform on that Dec10, 1975? How was the performance itself? Does anyone know some facts about it?
  9. Freeman

    XM Led

    "The Celebration of Zeppelin" has started. The last day of XM LED radio channel is today. All day long the are playing ONLY live unreleased tracks of Zep. Tune in http://www.xmradio.com Zeppelin Channel #59
  10. Freeman

    XM Led

    By the way, "Live Led | March 7 All Day Long" on XM LED (59) "We'll feature nothing but LIVE LED. Nothing but concert recordings of Zeppelin including lots of rare, unreleased material. The last day of XM LED is a celebration day!" Everyone can register for free and get 2 weeks of free trial on www.xmradio.com Actually you will need only two days )))
  11. Freeman

    XM Led

    Well... My guess is that XM LED will come back when Zep will announce a tour! Later this year. Hope I will be right
  12. Well.. Assuming that I am from Moscow, if Medvedev will be able convince Led Zeppelin to do at least a concert in Moscow that would be totally awesome!
  13. A bit off-topic. As most of you folks know Led Zeppelin played two Oakland concerts on the 23d and 24th of July 1977 and these shows were part of the "Day On The Green" concert series which were presented by Bill Graham. Two years after Led Zep played in Oakland there was another "Day on the Green" concert. And there were lots of good bands and performers like Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, AC/DC and much more. But what I am trying to tell you is that Aerosmith's perfomance has been filmed in color. And it has surfaced about a year or two ago right from Bill Graham's vault. Aerosmith played the
  14. The played Black Dog on the 23rd only. Plus once before on the 13th of June in MSG.
  15. I read that Carouselambra should have been in 80' North American tour setlist. But.... It never happened.
  16. Добро пожаловать на форум!
  17. Friends, I want to thank all of you for sharing your feelins. Now I know that I'm not alone. Feel free to add more of your thoughts. By the way, Do you remember how slow this board was operating on the day of the show? (especially during the concert) I managed take a screenshot of all the users on board. It was 2.57 AM Moscow time and it was 11.57 London time. Check it out. Very impressive!
  18. Прелесть моя :-))

  19. Happy New 2008 year to all Led Zeppelin fans around the Globe! It is almost 2 am January 1st 2008 in Moscow rigth now. The New Year has come. But! My feelings are not even close to what I have felt in the evening of December the 10th. I haven't been to the show, but my mind was all about it the whole day back then. And I was so emotionally touched when they were actually performing (from 9 to 11 in the pm). My mind was pretending that I was there. And it worked! All right! All I wanna say that my New Year was on December the 10th! Does anyone have the same feelings?
  20. Freeman

    pats delight

    Yeah, it is great. I would love to hear more '68 shows.
  21. Are you talking about 8MM or a Pro-Shot ???
  22. Speaking about "Burn Like a Candle" show I found an awazing billboard. It's awesome! Have any of you seen it on the streets back then? What a warm Welcoming ))
  23. Oh Dear! Playing an unofficial recording without permission of the band on a major FM station in 2007... Wow! I would say it is unusually *hip* for these days. I like it! Prolly the station is risking their license, but they do a great job by "sharing" this recording via FM radio with lucky Philly Led Zep fans.
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