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  1. It was defintely her - she was taking photos all through the Zeppelin set. Jimmy gave her a tiny little wave at one stage. I have a photo of her that I was going to copy into this post but I don't seem to be able to do that.
  2. There are programmes that will extract and download video content from You Tube and other sites. If you use firefox you can get an addon called Video Download Helper that will do it for you. Here's a link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006 I also have one called Videoraptor that I got free with Nero burning software. I'm sure there are a load of others out there too. Hope this helps
  3. I don't have any answers about how to ensure the equitable and fair distribution of tickets to see any future Led Zeppelin concerts if they take place, or any other concerts with a high demand for that matter. But I think we have to realise that trying to keep tickets out of the hands of touts and trying to ensure 'genuine fans' get tickets are two separate things. One is probably achievable (keeping the tickets away from the touts) but the other is not. The notion of a 'genuine fan' is totally subjective and there is no set of criteria for determining who should be considered to be one. C
  4. They'd be a better support band for a Zeppelin tour than The Cult
  5. I'll be at the O2 show and it's cost me a lot to get there. But, I still hope they tour and don't have any bitter tainting my sweet at the moment. I'd love a tour - there would be something to look forward to after the O2 show. Also, as someone pointed out above, I think the atmosphere at the O2 will be absolutely electric. Another point is that if they tour there's a good chance they'll be playing in huge venues that'll make the O2 show seem intimate in comparison. So, I'm all for a tour! Would I have been so desperate to get to the O2 if I had known they were going to tour? Possi
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