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  1. Didn't he record all the parts TYG with a old cream Strat, or are you referring to live work??
  2. I've seen a dvd where Jeff Orkeltree(sp?) explains that he would tune his floor tom lower, as to mimic the sound of a bass drum. That's how he could do those triplets.
  3. I've heard that those EJ strats are the best money can buy. The only issue I've ever seen in any review is the finish options. I have a 2008 Am Standard Strat and it plays and sounds great, plus it stands up to abuse pretty well.
  4. It's a clear film with the grain pattern in it, put under the finish. I dunno if veneer is the right term for that, but they're most definitely faked.
  5. The wood grain is fake on an Epi anyway, so it makes even less of a difference.
  6. I'd look for an 800 number. They'll "ship" early this afternoon.
  7. Joe Perry is underrated? I'd say the opposite. He has a very basic style and he doesn't do anything that blows my mind with his playing.
  8. Plenty of other Marshall sounding amps without the price tag. If you wanna play the blues, get tubes and don't worry about the brand name.
  9. It's both. There was originally only one color, but Gibson designed alot of the other burst finishes to mimic the different shades of faded LP's.
  10. The Mode 4 is definitely not the king of Marshall's. If it's not a tube, it's not in the conversation. I'm partial to the JVM's. It's really 2 Marshalls in one.
  11. I don't have a problem with WalMart not sellin it or wanting to sell an edited version. IMO it's up to the artist to decide if they wanna sacrifice their art for $$$.
  12. I've got a couple really nice LP's my self. 07 Custom in Silverburst> This is my #1. It weighs a ton and sounds awesome. The most perfect LP I've laid eyes on. It's honestly the only LP I've ever seen where I can't find some kinda factory blemish. 95 Standard in Cherry Sunburst with a really nice plain top> This one is a considerably mellower guitar, but it still sounds great... Got it for $1000 flat Also have an 08 MIA Strat, which I love playing. Strats become part of your body when you play them.
  13. Nice, you get the traditional or the revamped 08? Chrome tuning keys??? I prefer the green ENJOY
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