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  1. That's my favorite too. Has a very Zeppelin feel to it, imo. Would love to track it down on vinyl. There were just a few promo copies pressed, but Jack White just opened a record store at his ThirdMan complex, in Nashville and in a photo I seen it had some copies on the wall.
  2. Meddle is as good of an album as The Wall, and a great precursor to Dark Side, imo. And Pink Floyd, greedy?? Haven't ever heard that. If the other 3 members of Floyd can get onto a stage with Waters by basically sabotaging their careers, all for the sake of charity, I can't see how greed applies.
  3. As far as great post Waters Floyd tours goes, the best one was probably Gilmour's solo tour for On An Island. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed it. They seems to revel in the mellowness for Pulse and Delicate Sound tours. Gilmour's solo tour had moments that really rocked. Granted, the first half was his new album, so we didn't get a full Floyd show, but it still seemed as much like one as the other 2.
  4. Not really. We will, I suppose. You just don't seem to be able to give credit where credit is due. Can people not see the greatness of a band without enjoying the music of said band? I take pride in my ability to do it. If you don't like their music, that's fine, but you don't really know much about the history of rock and roll if you think Pink Floyd is overrated in any way. They are a pinnacle.
  5. What about the World record viewing audience? Not to mention the fact that it was on 4th of July weekend in the US. They have legions of fans that wanted to watch them. They have no charisma live? I think the light shows and the way they concentrate on the music is part of their charisma. They don't dance around stage, b/c their music doesn't call for it. They realized that, so to supplement it they added the light shows. I think that puts the music front and center, not something they hide behind. When Zeppelin would play their spacier material, they would supplement it with a crazier light show.
  6. Doesn't really sound like you know what you are talkin about. 99% of Pink Floyd's music is stuff that those 4 guys(+a few supplemental players, occasionally) can pull off live.. Sure they worked in some samples, but they were mostly used as lead ins to songs. I don't see how anybody can view it as a crutch. They mastered their effects and all the sonic mayhem and then applied it to their music. It wasn't like they sat there blindly turning knobs without a clue. Pink Floyd using and mastering all those musical gadgets is no different from Led Zeppelin using the stairwell at Headley Grange for Bonzo's drums? Do you view that as a crutch, too?
  7. Gilmour has never approached being a "great" slide player, especially compared to some of those names mentioned.
  8. Athough, I did say Waters could barely play bass, it wasn't meant to disparage his ability at the instrument. I meant it in a more "Ringo could barely play drums" sense. What he played or wrote for the song was always perfect, but he rarely, if ever, had a real over the top bass part, even thought there are several songs that are bass driven. I disagree with the statement that Gilmour is as technical as Page and Hendrix. He is one of the best, no doubt, but his technique just doesn't cover that much range, imo. He is the best, hands down, when it comes to crafting a delicious guitar tone, it just seems that alot of his solos are treading the same ground over and over. Credit has to be given for knowing what to play and when to play it and I feel that is where Gilmour shines.
  9. Sticky Fingers is their best album, but Exile is damn good.
  10. No real argument could be made that any of the musicans in the band were among the most technically skilled in their craft. Waters could barely play bass, and there are no odd time signature drum freakouts. Gilmour was a fine guitarist, but he isn't in the same league as Hendrix or Page, barring personal preference. Rick Wright was by far and away the most technically skilled musician in the band. Pink Floyd did more with their small amount musical expertise than any band ever, but made some of the most complex sounding mainstream music, ever. Anybody that says they are a one trick pony or that DSOTM or WYWH is their best needs to listen to a bit more of their catalog. Give me Meddle and Animals over either of those anyday, with Obscured by Clouds tossed right in there with them.
  11. Um.......you're dumb Led Zep Pink Floyd Pearl Jam Black Crowes Beatles
  12. Fixed You can talk about Soundgarden, Audioslave, Euphoria Morning and his last solo tour, but plz leave the new crap away from this message board. Not only is it just bad music, but CC sound like a complete dumbass for thinking anybody wants to hear that from him. Sell out is not even the word.
  13. I would say that I love that Chili Peppers, but I can't say I really care for alot of the early stuff. I really love Stadium Arcadium and By The Way. Californication and BSSM are also pretty damn good. ^^^Most "real" RHCP fans hate the new stuff, but it's 10x more melodic, musical, and classic sounding, and I just really like that about them Venice Queen is gorgeous. Esp. In Michigan is about as good as it gets. Dosed was the first song that I really loved by them. I like SA and BTW all the way through and the majority of Californication and BSSM. I can see people gettin sick of the overplaying of their singles, of which, there are many, but I can't possibly understand how people can say they have gotten worse, when it's quite obvious that every musician in the band has really expanded their capabilities, in just about every about every aspect one can. Lyrics have always been the weak point, for me, but they make up for that with cool vocal harmonies. It's about the music anyway. He could be singing nursery rhymes if they kept every thing else the same.
  14. Black Crowes-Warpaint Queen-A Night At The Opera, newly reprinted Lot of 90 various 70's rock Lot of 21 various classics Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream Tool-Undertow Yes-Fragile........ on vinyl
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