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  1. definately worth subscribing to the fanzine, i have done so for a few years now. Its a nice glossy mag, well researched and put together. dave Lewis, founder of the mag has written some great books on Led zeppelin. the recent issue is all on the O2 gig. The next issue is going to be 40th anniversary edition on the group, it will also have a section on 'remembering John Bonham. The more subscribers to the magazine the better, that's what keeps the mag in circulation.
  2. Did anyone who attended the O2 gig manage to catch a glimpse of any of the led zeppelin families, and possibily take any pic's i've been reading my 'tight but loose' led zeppelin fanzine, O2 edition, and both the bonham and plant family were in attendance. Dave Lewis, founder of the Magazine was sitting not too far away from Maureen, logan and Carmen Plant and they by all accounts he said that they were all out of their seats dancing to the music! Pat, Debbie, Zoe and joan bonham must have been so proud of Jason taken over from his dad on the drum stool.
  3. had a feeling that they were Jennings farm. brilliant pic's, amazing how much it has changed over the years. great archive pics by Steve Jones.
  4. are these definately jennings farm pics. they look so different to the photo s i have in my book. the only. the only thing i can possibly see that is similiar is the barn to the left. i know over time, maybe thirty years will have changed, but the main house look different to the pictue when i drove past a few months ago. ( the roof and chimney stack positions)
  5. what ever happened to Mick Hinton, bonzo's roadie. i know that after the group disbanded he was paid off and he bought a cottage in devon. did quit the music biz. Ray Thomas, Jimmy's roadie and rick Hobbs, jimmys personal assistant, do they still work for jimmy Page. anyone know. This one's for Knebby to find out i think.
  6. i got that book, superb. i've read it a few times now. i have a copy signed by Mick Bonhams wife. the book is really well written and has got some really funny stories of mick and john. i just hate gettiing to the end of that book, so sad. if you want a true life account of John Bonham, and none of this richard cole made up bull shit stories, Mick Bonhams book is what yo want to be reading.
  7. of course they get royalties. bonhams wife would still receive them, then that would pass onto Jason and Zoe. plant and page obviously get the lions share because they were the main song writers. even Peter Grants kids get a small percentage of the royalties. That was one of the last things peter grant done for pat bonham when the band's record contract expired he re-negotiated pats share of the royalties.
  8. yeh. i know it well. born and raised in Swansea. and still living here!!!!
  9. i saw an interview with Jason recently, i think its off the bonus DVD from the UFO live concert thing he done, and he was saying that he cant recall his father ever teaching him when he was younger. he didnt start back into drumming until after JB passed away because he was into the motorcross racing, which his father supported and sponsored jason and his team
  10. yeh Pat still resides at 'old Hyde farm' in Rushock. i think maureen still lives at Jennings Farm. i think most of the bonham family will be at the gig to watch Jason. a very closely knit family and private.
  11. wrong, wrong,wrong. this is the closest your ever gonna get to a full on led zep reunion with jason on drums. there is no one else on earth who should have been asked to fill the drum stool. i agree Dave G is a good drummer, but as plant said 'Keep it in the family'
  12. i read something in the NME news earlier ( New musical Express, uk magazine) and jimmy said that he was sure if it would be filmed or anything
  13. hi Swansea. if you dont mind me asking are you 'swansea' as in south wales, uk?
  14. yeh, i'm withyou all the way on that one, all those members lost in space somewhere, but hey a new site, a new begining. lovinig the new set up. photo section is great. hi to all who have rejoined so far!!
  15. its going to be a walk in the park for JB Junior. i've never seen him live but have got everything he has released from bonham, the jason bonham band, motherland and healing sixes. he is an outstanding drummer and i dont think it would have been right for anyone else to do it. As the remaining members said back on that sad day on 4th dec 1980 they just couldnt see themselves go on without John bonham, and as robert plant said recently about jason taking up the drum duities 'Keep it in the family' go for it jason, i know your dad is looking down on you, proud!! RIP John Bonham
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