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    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Can't think of any man on the planet who looks better in ruffles!
  2. MCM

    Roberts Jeans

    He's obviously the KING of the low rise jean!!
  3. Nicely said.. Ahhh, the age old argument, I've been defending Mr Page on this for as long as I can remember. It's very easy really. EVH plays a lot of notes really fast, JP plays music, simple as that.
  4. Agreed!! It is the right drummer who generates the right chemistry. Maybe we have "better" drummers to pick from (if it were, as some seem to think, up to us) but are those drummers the right drummers??? I think not. Plain and simple, Jason is the man for the job if it is to be Led Zeppelin, or at least as close to Led Zeppelin as some of us may ever see. I only hope (and pray to the gods of rock n roll) that we do have a fascimile of a tour. I don't think an all out tour is possible, but I'm not giving up hope on at least a few dates, hopefully some here in the states. I will hold this hope until Mssrs. Page, Plant and Jones tell me they absolutely refuse to come out and play. I'll also hope and pray to those same gods that if we get a few dates here that they are stadium/venues and NOT festivals. I'm getting too old for the festival scene and I would think that those of their core fans (at least the ones who will be able to afford the tickets) may feel the same way. Not that I wouldn't do the festival if it were my only choice, but I'm hoping that's not the route they take. Now, quit fighting about who's the better drummer 'cause no one will ever win that one.
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