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  1. does not recognize any of the names here anymore :(

  2. We rented The Hunting Party, it was really good. There was some fantastic humor but also some very disturbing scenes. I still recommend it
  3. My Dad is ScottyZeppelin - who some of you may not know unless you were a member of the old board or are a member of PZ.
  4. Wow gorgeous pic Mandy!! What a cool idea, unfortunately in my case, I was so skinny and adorable back then, I'd hate to be reminded
  5. Great pics everyone! As for the Guitar Hero Zeppelin - check this out there are TONS of them Guitar Hero - Achilles Last Stand
  6. We just watched 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature' (no it's not dirty ) anyway I thought it was going to be really funny from the trailer but was disappointed. It started out strong and had a few clever moments though.
  7. A peanut butter and banana sandwich at 4 am. Mmmmm happiness.
  8. I was catching up on the faces I've missed and saw this, just thought it was too funny (for reasons board veterans would understand). But seriously, it's great having a Dad that watches out for you Great pics everyone!!
  9. Watching my hubby and friends all get drunk - good times
  10. 24 nearly 25. Been a fan forever, didn't really realize it till I was around 18 and became nostalgic for music I heard growing up. My parents instilled in me a love of great music, it took me awhile to appreciate it fully
  11. CJ and I watch Almost Famous every Thanksgiving or X-Mas, this year it was X-Mas
  12. I think they got more and more bizarre the further down the list!! This is one that made me laugh out loud - It is illegal to cause a catastrophe. (utah) That's a good law.
  13. Hehe, I like to call those idiot dots because my brother will just put them instead of answering a question he's deemed stupid making me feel like a total idiot lol
  14. I've been prescribed physical therapy twice a week, evidently this includes massage therapy
  15. Oh good! I'm really looking forward to that one, not sure I'll make it to the theater though. I just saw Paris Je T'aime and hated it quite thoroughly. There was one or two clever ones but all in all it sucked. ETA: The Golden Compass, I'm scared to go see it, I've read the series several times and it's one of my favorites. I had high hopes but am not hearing great things and am disgusted at the way they're promoting it. I just want to scream, "THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S SERIES!!". Oh well *sigh*
  16. Thanks That's a sweet idea, although stretched tattoos are not cute. I have a star on my hip/stomach luckily it hasn't really changed (yet...).
  17. Still working on the Artemis Fowl series but I've made it to book 4.
  18. Thanks You have a scorchio in your avatar!! And yes, I'm 5 months along to those who asked the brave question lol.
  19. Okay so this is sooooo cheesy of me, but I love it 12.8.07 Edited to fix pic.
  20. They don't sound like Zep in a rip off kinda way, it's just reminiscent and fantastic. Sorry about the poor audio quality, I just think it's a great clip anyway -
  21. I love that cereal too!! Also, I didn't know it was possible to have an excellent sense of taste AND a poor sense of smell.
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