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  1. anyone want to meet for the 6:30PM arvada, co showing? let me know - i have my ticket.
  2. there's nothing very exciting about this, but if you wanted a sneak peak at the upcoming roman numerals...then you could use the URLs in your browser: http://jimmypage.com/Numerals/19.png http://jimmypage.com/Numerals/18.png http://jimmypage.com/Numerals/17.png and so on
  3. I just finished up with the book. I'm totally happy about it. I'm not disappointed at all. Some people don't dig that many of the photos are common, but it's not a concern to me. I'm happy with the rarities...and I'm happy with the common ones too. I especially dig the details in the common pics that I haven't seen before: with the size of the pages and the resolution, the details show me things I haven't noticed before (guitar gear)! Also, some people don't dig that tour dates are wrong. I honestly didn't pay attention to the dates: I have my Luis Rey, Dave Lewis books...but especially
  4. Mine wasn't in the 500 range...it was 6XX-something. Anyway, I just picked it up at the local FedEx office (near Denver). I'll be opening it here in a few minutes!
  5. My book is the 500 range...and I haven't rec'd the book nor any notifications from FedEx
  6. I exchanged an email with David today. I had ordered the cheaper version of the book. He confirmed that the book would be shipped in time for Christmas. I'm #653!
  7. acoustic guitar - rain song, friends electric - lemon song, song remains the same
  8. Hey y'all If there are any Zep musicians out there in the Denver/Boulder area, let me know. I'm relocating to Westminster later this month for work and I'd love to start jamming there. You can hear some of my playing with various Zep projects at http://zepidemic.net/cgi/guitar.cgi
  9. see http://www.rambleonzep.com/dates/1973-07-29.htm -> "Mala cum salam"
  10. There's a new Jimmy Page article scanned on Ross Halfin's site: http://rosshalfin.com/diary/october-2010/diary-october-2010.php Anyone want to translate?
  11. L.A. folk: come see Zepidemic at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach on Friday 1/29/10. We'll playing with the Hollywood Stones. Here's a bootleg quality recording from a gig last month - How Many More Times
  12. There was a video tribute to John before Jason and friends played Moby Dick. I hadn't seen some if the footage in the video tribute before: it may have been home video footage and may have included some outtakes from Song Remains the Same (just speculating). Moby Dick was 5 1/2 minutes or so. There was video footage rolling behind Jason as he played. At times Jason stopped playing at let the footage of John soloing play and at other times Jason played along with the footage of John. Jason said a few words afterwards while accepting the award for John. I'm sure some YouTube footage will
  13. Zepidemic will be at Paladinos in Tarzana, California on Friday 12/18/09 - 11PM. Here's a "bootleg" recording of Rock and Roll from a gig earlier this month - http://www.zepidemic.net/mp3/20091206/RockAndRoll.mp3
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