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  1. id like to hear from the 2 young fellas entering the madison square garden by a back door.. and the cop goin..''lot of fun lot of fun''...in the TSRTS movie just on beginning of No Quarter i think. Was funny. i hope they liked the show.
  2. Great Stuff. Solo from Black Dog sounds real Jimmy doin it. Awesome...great vids. Wondering if they tour in N.A. Gonna google it...
  3. Montréal, Québec. Canada. Home of twenty four Stanley Cup.
  4. Ten years gone. The rover. Always amazed how Page can get so much emotions and feelin out of a few notes from a blues scale.. Edit:Live ones..:TSRTS from TSRTS..Using the 12 strings...great stuff.. Immigrant Song from DVD...
  5. I saw The White (I think from California) about...15 years ago (!) in a small club. They were great. About same time i heard the news about reunion, Led Zepplica tickets went out for the Theatre St-Denis for 17th october 2007in Montréal. Went there w friends and I must admit i was kinda disapointed. It was an OK perfomance but the sound was turned down and we werent able to really hear the guitar. Lots of older people in the crowd i dunno..It never lift up. The 2 girlfriends of my buddies saved the show dancing and screamin-the 2 only people standing in the theater.. I saw vids on y
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