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  1. how wonderful! so you write a little bit of everything then? i'm finding out quickly that many zepp heads here at this forum are quite creative and very intelligent. hurrah!
  2. i'm pretty sure it'll be at least until next summer that they'll hold off this hypothetical tour. yeah i hope it wasn't the last of zepp live..
  3. so you a fan of pen and paper then? i pretty much swear by it.. but i'm getting used to 'journaling' on the laptop.. just more comfy in my notebooks though.
  4. not quite sure i understand. sorry, am quite new to this forum.
  5. did anyone else get this issue yet? i haven't had time to read the article but i did browse, and there is a plant quote in there regarding zepp where he said contrary to earlier where he wanted nothing to do with it... "now i want to do nothing else." this makes me believe that there will be a tour.. what do you think? i mean, the 02 show went great, there will be a DVD.. i don't know, it really looks like tour is in the making.
  6. this is led zeppelin we're talking about. it is absolutely certain in my mind that they filmed it professionally with the intent of putting out the footage on DVD. (even moreso because reviews are so positive!) will it be hacked to pieces? let's hope not! but it's a-brewin'..
  7. haha aye, term papers can be a real project..good luck! ah how cool! i hope to one day teach English. i can't wrap my head around fiction, but i do a lot of prose/journals. how cool! do you post your work somewhere or is it just for you?
  8. wow what a nice collection!! just a note: i will take any and all unwanted 45's i know, you'll get money on ebay, but still had to put that out there. good luck with finding out how much they're worth!
  9. man this is hard..i'm no good at favourites, so i listed. song writer and their best song: i'm leaning towards billy childish, dylan, donovan, roky erickson. favourite songs respectively: no mercy, it's alright ma, to sing for you, when you get delighted. guitarist: hendrix, dave davies, page, gilmour, drummer: of course bonham! vocalist male: donovan, plant, morrison, childish, hendrix. female: joplin, grace slick, holly golightly stage presence: zeppelin!, and hendrix, stones too. bassist: bootsy collins!! and roger waters. key boards/ pianist: garth hudson, richard manuel, mark
  10. ah and what do you write? aw and why does your shoulder hurt? feel better!
  11. yup it most certainly is garnett mimms. brilliant tune. plant does great job on the aforementioned '69 fillmore boot.
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