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  1. I will write until the day I die, my deepest passions

    But I don't like writing school essays, that's about it.

    how wonderful!

    so you write a little bit of everything then?

    i'm finding out quickly that many zepp heads here at this forum are quite creative and very intelligent. hurrah!

  2. I'm dubious. I think we may have seen the last gig...but it wouldn't surprise me if they did announce a tour. At the very least I think a tour is not scheduled anytime soon.

    Fingers crossed I'm wrong on this!

    i'm pretty sure it'll be at least until next summer that they'll hold off this hypothetical tour.

    yeah i hope it wasn't the last of zepp live..

  3. did anyone else get this issue yet?

    i haven't had time to read the article but i did browse, and there is a plant quote in there regarding zepp where he said contrary to earlier where he wanted nothing to do with it...

    "now i want to do nothing else."

    this makes me believe that there will be a tour..

    what do you think?

    i mean, the 02 show went great,

    there will be a DVD..

    i don't know, it really looks like tour is in the making.

  4. this is led zeppelin we're talking about.

    it is absolutely certain in my mind that they filmed it professionally with the intent of putting out the footage on DVD. (even moreso because reviews are so positive!)

    will it be hacked to pieces? let's hope not!

    but it's a-brewin'.. :shifty:

  5. Right now, mainly term papers. :lol:

    I write fiction, poetry, journal a lot...

    I'm a student teacher--a English teacher... :P

    haha aye, term papers can be a real project..good luck!

    ah how cool! i hope to one day teach English.

    i can't wrap my head around fiction, but i do a lot of prose/journals.

    how cool! do you post your work somewhere or is it just for you?

  6. I have the same question. Are there any guides or something that tell what 45s are worth? Not that I'd sell them, but I'm just interested. I paid $10-15 for the Rolling Stones ones ($15 was for the Japanese Paint it Black), but the rest were inherited. Here's what I've got, in case anyone's seen these lately...I'm especially interested in the Beatles ones, of course.

    The Animals

    * The House of the Rising Sun / Talkin' Bout You

    The Beatles

    * A Hard Day's Night / I Should Have Known Better

    * Help! / I'm Down

    * Hey Jude / Revolution

    * I Am the Walrus / Hello Goodbye

    * I Want to Hold Your Hand / I Saw Her Standing There

    * Matchbox / Slow Down

    * Paperback Writer / Rain

    * Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever

    * Roll Over Beethoven / Please Mr. Postman

    * She Loves You / I'll Get You

    * She's a Woman / I Feel Fine

    * We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper

    * Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby

    The Byrds

    * Mr. Tambourine Man / I Knew I'd Want You

    Canned Heat

    * On the Road Again / Boogie Music

    Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

    * Diddy Wah Diddy / Who Do You Think You're Fooling

    The Doors

    * People Are Strange / Unhappy Girl

    The Fifth Dimension

    * Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In / Don'tcha Hear Me Callin' to Ya

    Jefferson Airplane

    * Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil / Two Heads

    The Kinks

    * You Really Got Me / It's All Right

    The Knickerbockers

    * Lies / The Coming Generation

    The Lovin' Spoonful

    * Darling Be Home Soon / Darlin' Companion

    * Rain on the Roof / POW

    Paul Revere and the Raiders

    * The Great Airplane Strike / In My Community

    * Hungry / There She Goes

    * Just Like Me / B.F.D.R.F. Blues

    The Piltdown Men

    * Night Surfin' / Tequila Bossa Nova

    The Rolling Stones

    * The Last Time / Play with Fire

    * Let's Spend the Night Together / Ruby Tuesday

    * Paint It, Black / Lady Jane [Japan]

    The Surfaris

    * Wipe Out / Surfer Joe

    The Wailers

    * It's You Alone / Tears

    The Yardbirds

    * Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / The Nazz Are Blue

    * I'm a Man / Still I'm Sad

    wow what a nice collection!!

    just a note:

    i will take any and all unwanted 45's

    i know, you'll get money on ebay, but still had to put that out there.

    good luck with finding out how much they're worth!

  7. List your opinion of fav. or best artist in each category.

    song writer and their best song: the best John Lennon imagine

    my favorite Bob Marley Redemption Song

    guitarist: Jimmy Page / Joe Satriani

    drummer: of course John Bohnam

    vocalist male: Plant / paul rodgers

    female: Chrissie Hynde / Janis Joplin

    stage presence: Freddy Mercury also great a performer though i can't stand the pedophile Michael Jackson

    bassist: Nick Sinopoli the band Sinopoli never made it professional although Nick is an awesome bassist they played some gigs as openning act for Ace Freeley and i think Bon Jovi in NJ/NY

    key boards/ pianist: john paul jones/ keith emerson

    over all talent: Phil Collins

    man this is hard..i'm no good at favourites, so i listed.

    song writer and their best song: i'm leaning towards billy childish, dylan, donovan, roky erickson. favourite songs respectively: no mercy, it's alright ma, to sing for you, when you get delighted.

    guitarist: hendrix, dave davies, page, gilmour,

    drummer: of course bonham!

    vocalist male: donovan, plant, morrison, childish, hendrix.

    female: joplin, grace slick, holly golightly

    stage presence: zeppelin!, and hendrix, stones too.

    bassist: bootsy collins!! and roger waters.

    key boards/ pianist: garth hudson, richard manuel, mark weitz, little richard, ray manzereck. mark stein, jonesy, rick wright. (i love the keys..)

    over all talent: i really can't choose. as a band-zeppelin. as an individual- no idea.


  8. I'm a writer as well, but then there are times I have to crash and get sleep- even if it means sleeping until 3 in the afternoon sometimes. Last night I think I slept only about two hours. Tomorrow I don't have much to so I'll sleep.

    My shoulder hurts so bad right now it hurts to move my arm.

    ah and what do you write?

    aw and why does your shoulder hurt?

    feel better!

  9. And it's good that you did not lose your hope, i thought it would be pretty weird if the experts wouldn't gather here!

    Anyways, Garnett Mimms - As Long As I Have You. Propably elvis too but who knows? (googlesearch *rolleyes)

    yup it most certainly is garnett mimms.

    brilliant tune.

    plant does great job on the aforementioned '69 fillmore boot.


  10. Today's my bday! :D

    happy birthday!!

    love your sig, btw.

    okay..random facts.

    -i've just recently discovered this forum, and am unsure if i like it as much as the old one..

    -i have a problem finishing things.

    -i never sleep.

    -i write. (as a surrogate for sleeping, naturally.)

  11. From the youtube clips they looked and sounded absolutely FANTASTIC. I was drooling, my eyes were watering, my heart was racing and hell yeah, I got those goosebumps for sure! (Why wasn' itwidely televised?!)

    Maybe for older fans who saw them in concert back in the day a Led Zeppelin tour is kind of like your highschool sweetheart showing up unexpectedly for a roll in the hay after all these years. Maybe you guys have some mixed feelings about it - it's great to see her (you've never stopped thinking about her, after all) but she'll never be a beautiful as she once was, the magic will never be the same, etc. After all, for you guys it's as much about the time in your life that you associate with Led Zeppelin as anything. But, first of all, based on last night's performance, your highschool girlfriend still looks HOT (unlike you, you out of shape schlub!), and she still remembers all those tricks that make your toes curl and your eyeballs roll into teh back of your head. Second, what's more beautiful than being able to revisit those feelings and associations and reaffirm that it's still alive inside of you.

    But for us young fans, this represents something entirely bigger and more momentous. We grew up assuming that we could never experience in person something singular and momentous and moving and great - something that resonates with us and we know like the backs of our hands, thanks to recorded music and live footage, but that we just barely missed experiencing ourselves. We can't go back in time, so we have to assume we're just screwed. To us, a Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour is like Genghis Kahn showing up for an encore campaign of conquering and pillaging across eurasia, 300 spartans showing up to guard a pass against a million persians, Noah announcing a second flood (yes, I did just compare them to a divinely inspired natural disaster, and it's appropriate)... it is the return of a legend

    My biggest fear for last night was that they would be terrible. Genghis Khan falls off his horse, the spartans drop their shields and run, the flood turns out to be a passing drizzle. Furthermore, most of us have seen and listened to their best performances over and over so none of us have low hopes or expectations ... and in the end I got goosebumps just from watching grainy youtube clips of the performance this morning.

    Now my only fear (and it makes me nauseus just to imagine the scenario) is not being able to get tickets if they do go on tour.

    i love your way with words!

    i feel exactly the same. there is no way they would play my city, so the way i figure it- it has to be at least a 6 hour drive to go and see them.

    man what i wouldn't do to see them..ha

    peace and love


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