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    My pets, Ginger and music. Girls, thank you for the chat. <br />However we percieve the world around us, is influenced by who we surround ourselves with...<br />Be careful>>>
  1. This list smells of evil.

  2. Oh why bother, chuckles.

  3. Animations of stick figures, beating on a rotting horse carcus just is not healthy or in any way associated with the nature of music as a whole. Look at comment in interests.

  4. thanks for the laughs, your genuine, i hate fakes...

  5. Noors,

    Keep it coolin' baby. A-keep it coolin' baby. baby. A-keep it coolin' baby.

  6. Sorry theres a glitch in my board...I will try to sort it latter.

  7. Thanks SAM. I needed a laugh and a pal. Your real cool.

  8. Hiya,

    This major cat is a major cat in a significant sense, true he "rambles on," a bit. And a but egocentric lol. Buuut so am I and I think those are cool traits.

    Cheers mate,

    Shadow "flipping."

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