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    My pets, Ginger and music. Girls, thank you for the chat. <br />However we percieve the world around us, is influenced by who we surround ourselves with...<br />Be careful>>>
  1. Yeah ho, we dont wanna see your stinky arse//// Shad w
  2. Oh gosh. This is a fun topic, funny too. Whats she, have like lab experiments under her bed? Oh god help you. But really you are a very lucky soul. You have been given a gift. Maybe a messy one. How old is she? Shad w
  3. Oh, The know it alls. They really get me. The kind of person who gets out a thesaurus so they can impress someone with big confusing dogma and I do mean dogma. Big words do not impress anyone or acting like your intelligent. If someone is smart you will know it without it being shoved down your throat and made feel badly. A smart person is loving and will share and teach. No one person thinks or learns on the same level. You have to think like they think. Hmmmm? Complicated speech? What if you dont know something? How would you like it presented to you. I know people who will not learn because others have made them feel dumb and stupid all their lives, so it's come to be it's how they were conditioned, carries right on into adulthood. I think down to earth any longer. Some of these complicated freaks are just that. FREAKY. Shad w
  4. I'm with you. You sound half way rational, many of the rest have behavioral problems from being beaten as children. Del however may be exempt a bit on this one. Appears they may have created some little monsters Shad w
  5. I say turn the kids into a pillar of salt. That idea I think everyone can move on at this point. So everyone...charge up those fingers.... Crackle Ooops neutron molecular restructuring newfangled gizmo was off. Del is now a french fry ooooops.
  6. That gets me you know! "I'm YOU daddy and I am so BIG AND NASTY I can kick the shit right outta you, or yell and scream and warp you little mind all I wish to and because your under 18 and I feed you you cant do a damn thing about it. Screaming at the top of your lungs at a child or cursing them is no way to act in public even with adults it's not. Psychologists arent wrong about these things, come on. Doesnt take a brain surgeon. I dont know Del...have nooooo idea. But people would laugh about the United Nations one... Shit nuke em.. Shad w Cruise missles launched at Dels home and SUV..new at 6
  7. If your under the impression it would take the United Nations to have your children actually taken from you. I mean literally taken and you serving jail time. Well! Your very highly mistaken. It would only take a few complaints to the proper officials. Shad w
  8. See previous post. I made the comment because within the last week I saw a man just screaming at his wife and child and practically throwing the child in the car and just SCREAMING at him he better NOT MOVE OR HE WAS GONNA KICK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. Now this was going on in the parking lot of a grocers. Several people actually gathered and were about to do some ass kicking themselves. The second one I wont even bring up here. It's not right. Abuse it not right no matter how you twist it, turn it, recycle it, or color it. Where is the fine line is the question. Is the fine like chosen by the child? The "good book" has people turned into pillars of salt. Dont point fingers at others for things you do. I dont spank children. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, show them kindness and respect. Theres a fine line I guess and many dont know where it is. I know I hated the time outs and being put in my room for days on end the worst. The beatings? Those never bothered me because I became so thick after years I didnt mind it. It just tends to escalate. Shad w PS I think Manders is angry at me.....Manders,,,,,come on now. Depends on how hard you spank, thats all there is to that Del...
  9. Men who are sluts are worse because they are big enough to beat on people. Your supposing what I am supposing. I never put any names or numbers on it. = It wasnt aimed at you...who it is knows. They know themselves. Come one now, what was the world like before religion? Was a right mess eh? People need family values Manders, I am tired of people trying to rip apart solid, spiritual people because they believe money gives them that right. It is unjust and undignified. Integrity is the key. Think of it like this. Would you want your 13 year old sister or brother doing it, and theres way younger than that going on. I heard of a 10 year old getting pregnant a few years back. That child sure didnt learn that from watching sesame street. Your good people. You teach. That's good. Del? No I dont think you knock the kids blocks off, chuckles. It's the framework of the inner self and how that evolves and functions with society which is at at stake here. Ummm it's good to discuss things, but dont try to think for people, you will be highly fooled and shadow boxing. Shad w
  10. I really dont believe in hitting children. But like I said I was abused as a child and it goes on as an adult. From members of this list believe it or not. They feel it's proper to say horrid things to people who have suffered. Kids dont know so much really. If they need a time out or a good talking to its one thing. But you have no idea what this can do to a persons psyche. The child has not developed mentally and cannot grasp as complex of an idea that a grown up hates them for lets say spilling soup or fighting with siblings. Not much I can do about what others do, but I think in the long run the Supreme Court even has issues with it. Their hands are just tied. 2. Sluts. I think common sluts are a terrible thing in society. They pass on diseases without caring, destroy families, promote drugs, indecent behaviour and many earn money doing it. There was a reason these women were stoned to death many years ago. Get a family Do something good besides promoting sex as something you do with everyone who will buy you a chablis. Have respect for your body, it's your shrine. Your children learn their behaviour FROM YOU... Shad w
  11. This list smells of evil.

  12. Sex Spam... Arrrrggggh. Set the human race back 2 centuries. Shad w
  13. I'm glad you dont smoke Manders. We would team up on you.
  14. I just steer clear of them. Arrrrrgh. I mean come on now, what wins here, do you let a cigarette tell you how to kill yourself. Shows no self control. Shad w
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