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  1. I actually think the Entire Point should be .. TO CALL IT LED ZEPPELIN . And that way force Robert Plant to behave like an even more pretentious twit.
  2. Buddhak0n

    Zeppelin Sell Out

    This is SO Untrue.. .The avenue to get your SONGS heard has expanded greatly. What you're concerned about are the TRADITIONAL Channels .. from the TRADITIONAL Music business which we all know is falling apart daily. But if your ACTUAL concern was getting your songs heard. All you have to do is throw up a Website with MP3's and your music is EVERYWHERE my friends. So don't even try this plea to Bring back the 80's where we could rip off millions of college kids mantra.
  3. Who said this was Accurate? LOL You're clueless. It's all Urban Myth...
  4. what's MORE Pitiful is you have some dope from THE JAM comparing himself to Zeppelin ... now that's funny. Plant is being a stick in the mud about all of this . Page probably figures he can sort of nudge him into it by doing this.. which is kewl. WHATEVER IT TAKES.
  5. I never saw them .. by the Time Bonzo had Passed... I was like 12 . And I've been forced to listen to band after band after band try to forcibly come in Second place for their entire lives. In terms of their Studio Recordings, where a generation got to delve through an artists FULL BODY OF WORK. There's no band in the world that can Touch Zeppelin. Nobody.
  6. NO news here. Bobbie Planet's not down with it. What can you do? Seems a bit of a waste. But if Robert doesn't want to play the old songs, there's really not much to say beyond that. I would be MORE encouraged if Plant thought there was a NEW album.. New material because I've always said there won't be a greatest hits tour. If the band is to play together again , it will be because there's MORE to play.
  7. Where'd you get THAT idea? Robert Plant is playing you all for fools..... He comes out and goes out of his way to say NO Way we play together again BEFORE THE krause tour and then he puts all kinds of quotes out there about the "Metaphysical" nature of playing it all over again and how he sincerely hopes that wasn't the last time they do it. Plant DOES not walk on to Center Court of the Garden because he went to see a B Ball game.... He just denies the Interview.... Plant is playing you all ..... He has every intention of playing more shows and is going to torture you all up until the very last minute and then make tickets harder to get than A Bus Ticket from East Berlin to West Berlin during the cold war. LOL
  8. SO let's get this straight Robert Plant is Too Busy playing a tour with some Country Music Violinist and Part time Acoustic Guitar strummer who can't sell out a 15,000 seat stadium to play with Jimmy and John who obviously have been gushing all over themselves at every opportunity with their sincere desire to play together again as a group. Yeah that makes perfect sense... Listen Robert Plant never has to play a Led Zeppelin song again in his life if he doesn't want to do so.. But don't tell me some oddball compilation that can't sell out a 15,000 seat venue in TORONTO For god's sake.... Is really all that important. Hey it's what he wants to do ... ..... Who cares at this point .. the Guy's obviously being silly... but that's what he wants. " it would be the worst thing to do, it would be treating him like a trained monkey who has to get up and perform the same tricks over and over. I think he will find his way back to Zeppelin if he is allowed to do it on his terms. Perhaps that is what Jimmy Page meant in his MOJO awards interview where he said he doesn't want to persuade anyone to do anything. It has to come from the heart. And, if and when it comes from the heart, it will be awesome." EH NOBODY Has Asked the Monkey to perform any tricks for the Past 30 years.... so where this comes from ... God only knows... If he doesn't want to play he doesn't want to play. Who cares .. it's his loss.
  9. Thanks Eternal Light... Until I watched that Video I didn't realize how Depressing I was getting.. That was awesome and Made my Night.... Shake baby shake .... LOL
  10. I have no interest in going to See Robert Plant Play with A Younger woman who he's obviously Infatuated with.... I'm at the point in my life where i really don't only go to Concerts any more unless it's really something worth seeing.. I'll catch Pearl Jam if they are coming by... I'll catch Bowie.... And I'd obviously go to ZEPPELIN... I even had Clapton play within 20 mintues of my house at the shore , with BB like 2 months before that and I forgot when they were playing.. I have no interest in Seeing Plant and his infatuation with the Young Country Acoustic Guitar Woman ... It has nothing to do with feelings of Betrayal... I'm just not their target Audience.. I'm sure it's very good music.. Not for me ... If I wanted to see that I'd go see the Indigo Girls <g>
  11. Listen we all know the game that Plant is playing here.... He's the "concerned" Artist while to be honest the Center of the band is all for it. The Band's success was a compilation of all their talents but there really is No reason for Plant to not participate... I understand he has prior commitments ... And I'm pretty confident that Plant is just playing with everybody... Robert Plant in the past 30 years has attended tons of Sporting Events and Concerts and Broadway shows.... He doesn't grant interviews at Center Court with Zeppelin playing the background just because he went to go see a Basketball game... He was feeling out sentiment... He was doing the Interview both to promote his OWN tour AND to feel it out. Plant is definitely considering doing the shows... The Door is NOT Closed... but right now today there is ONLY ONE THING standing in between this as Dream and this as REALITY... Robert Plant's Fickle Mind. There's nothing technically "wrong" with it in an ethical sense but it's not necessary to hold up what everybody knows is the right thing to do at this point.. Including Plant himself. Don't worry It's coming.... Just wondering besides the Krause thing what Robert's reservations could possibly be at this point.
  12. Plus Robert himself sounds More Like an UNRETIRING Brett Favre than a NO NO NO hold out. A few Months AFTER he said NO way ... NO tour .. I'm booked with Allison he says the following on this Website and in the MAY Edition of UnCut Magazine. Speaking in the new (May 2008) edition, Robert Plant commented on the huge success of their December reunion show at London's O2 Arena: "Hopefully, one day, we could do it again. Our profit is - it's metaphysical." I know in my heart Robert's just trying to build up the momentum but to come THIS Close to giving us what we all thought could NEVER Be only to pull back at the last moment ..... Is getting a little Eh I don't know ... Disconcerting to say the least... Please Please.... There's an entire generation whose musical Interests are SOLIDLY based on zeppelin who NEVER ever saw a show ... The Band's influence goes so far beyond their Peer Success in the late 60's early 70's ... I think in many ways the Band themselves don't really know their influence. It's driving me Mad at this point... Please just if you're not going to announce the dates ... Tell us you're getting together again.. I'm a big proponent of what Jimmy said when it comes to New Material ... there HAS TO BE AN ALBUM here for there to be anything here at all in my mind.
  13. Yes I was Sad to find the Plant Krause Website Myself to find some fall dates posted. There seems to be a 2 month layoff and then they are playing some very small shows from 9/23 to 10/05.... Hey I have admittedly rooted to find a conspiracy where I'm sure none exists... But you could always tell this tale... I've always said Zep should not play AGAIN 'on tour' without NEW Material .... So perhaps if Robert is really into doing something... He and the boys are going to be sitting down in the studio from August 1 to Sep 15... Not completely crazy and they are going to see what comes out of it. Perhaps.. Perhaps not. I just always felt RESPECT for the bands wishes to not revive the band due to Bonzo's passing, but I also completely understand why that objection goes out the window when it's Bonzo's own BLOOD doing the Fill in... I can understand Plant's desire to move forward and not in some way "Sell Out" on his past success at the risk of damaging in HIS OWN MIND his artistic integrity.. But to be completely honest , and Plant has every right to do what he wishes but to simply just Blow off what Page and Paul Jones OBVIOUSLY Want to do is just wrong. I can see them coming to a happy medium between Page's willingness to Roll out the full blown tour and Plants desire to not play ANY Shows... I can totally see them playing just a FEW select shows at a High Ticket.... and nothing in the Krause tour discourages that thinking. I just think Plant is being a Little silly at this point... Just play the shows... Before YOU get to a point in your life where you don't even have the option. Plant's just being silly. Play the SHOWS.
  14. The NBA season began last year on NOVEMBER 2nd 2007.. The 2008/2009 Schedule has not been released.... Robert Plant has attended hundreds of events over the past 10 years and you don't see him appearing on news stations granting HALFTIME Center Court Interviews. Get real... the reason plant gave the Interview was to Dip his toes in the Water of the Garden yet again... He may not have made up his mind but if he WAS NOT Thinking about playing the garden again.. he would not have given the interview. Especially not at halftime... at CENTER COURT with the Garden PA system playing ZEPPELIN songs in the background. Get real.. and Nobody's hounding anybody ... if the guy doesn't want to perform let him go put the Druids cloak on and imitate ZoSo ... it's not going to be the end of the world. But there's a 50/50 chance he plays again with zeppelin in the US as of this very moment. And that's much higher than it has been in almost 25 years so that's kewl.
  15. Right now I'm willing to bet that PLANT Doesn't know himself if he's going to do the Gig. He probably told Jimmy... let's wait and see how I feel... Jimmy will give him a week after the 19th ... and he'll call him and we'll see how it goes. the HUGE blockbuster multi hundreds of million dollar tour was NOT Going to happen anyway. We all knew this so when that was turned down , nobody was surprised.... And we all knew Plant would commit to nothing until he was done with the Krause tour. Now that is ending and we shall find out the truth. Jimmy and John are all for it.. Let's see if Plant wants to do it or not... we shall see.. but don't expect a 100 shows in arenas all across the country... They'll play very FEW shows if they decide to do it in only a handful of venues.
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