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  1. I admire his stance. Seems very respectful of the band's legacy. There was a quote of his when Robbie sang with the others something like 'you can't replace someone like Freddie Mercury - and certainly not with HIM!'
  2. Ok guys, I reckon now this is getting awfully close to stalking! Nevertheless the photo of him laughing is just so uplifting - the look on his face is just so joyful. Better even than his enthusiasm towards Heart at the Obama gig. Love it.
  3. The picture was posted by her husband Apparently a friend of hers knows Jimmy and the photo was taken during a meal at Carluccios in South Ken. JP went to a poetry reading afterwards.
  4. Leave it - she's taken http://instagram.com/p/goNGoAK_7o/
  5. What a lovely photo! Where is that exactly?
  6. So we don't think he'll join the Space Shifters gig at the Albert Hall then?
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