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    Led Zeppelin, Blues, Guitar and Jack Daniels.
  1. i liked it you could totally tell he wasnt playing it live though
  2. Support good music. great new album by what some people call the greatest guitarist of his generation. Give it a listen and please support this great artist http://www.jbonamassa.com/affiliates/ideva...iate.php?id=614
  3. its good as long as people don't walk around thinking they are jimmy Page
  4. I was only passing on something i had been told. i was asking the forum members if they knew IF it was a possibility that he was in Melbourne, i wasn't trying to start an argument of any kind. Thanks, Royce
  5. not a lame version more of a lame recording
  6. One of my close friends whom works at the Melbourne international airport called to tell me Jimmy Page was at the airport on wednesday night and was whisked through into a white limo he swore on his life it was Jimmy. could anybody confirm this? why would he be in melbourne?
  7. Royce

    Pet Peeves

    i hate it when i tell people im a led zeppelin fan and they reply "I hate that Guy" or "that guy sucks" usually walk away or scream at them
  8. i remember when i was 8 i was looking through my brothers music and i came across Led Zeppelin II i remember putting on and Whole Lotta Love just blew me away especially during the theramin section i just thought WOW then i remember sometime later finding Black dog, The Lemon Song and Stairway to heaven i didnt think Stairway was that special until it started to speed up. then about 3 years ago i became obsessed and still am.
  9. i wonder if we will ever see the official release of the complete show at Earls court or Knebworth
  10. The song remains the same is awesome live but i don't particularly like the studio version
  11. easily going to California or that's the way
  12. my favorites would have to be For Your Love, Shapes Of Things and New york city Blues
  13. Led Zeppelin IV does it for me, completely flawless
  14. Since I've been loving you is hard to beat but i'd go with No Quarter
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