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  1. Damn. haha. You might have to buy a record player with it then. haha. Thanks for having a look anyway!
  2. Hey everyone, Not been around these parts for a long time...but I thought I would pop back in just to tell you I have listed one of my Zeppelin vinyls on eBay for sale. ' Its the Whole Lotta Love Japanese 7" Vinyl single in unbelievable condition considering it is 41 years old. It is a reluctant sale but if you are interested then check it out: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LISTING!! Thanks folks. RED
  3. Not been on the forum for ages...sorry. :(

  4. And can someone tell my why this thread is in this forum and not the musicians one where I originally posted it I believe! Doesn't make any sense for it to be here!
  5. Just been looking at my original photos on here...they are old pics. I have so many more instruments now. I had to build a ceiling mount for my surfboard to make more room for guitars etc. I got a beautiful German hand made Weissenborn lap slide guitar the other week. SO NICE!!!
  6. I was there just the other week. I'm walking past Leeds uni all the time. Seen a few bands there too. Love these pics, thanks.
  7. hey y'all...cool thread, used to be a huge Trekkie. I chose Trill...which other species on DS9 has a high chance of getting into Jadzia or Ezri's underwear? Unless you are Worf...he got all the lovely ladies. I voted before I spotted shape-shifter (Founder)...they are boring, but just think of shape-shifting ability...how else would you get into Jadzia or Ezri's underwear? RER
  8. Thanks reswati...really appreciate that comment.
  9. Been a member on here for like forever, so for those of you that know me and hopefully like me, why not drop by our website and check out the music video for our song called "Railway Mary". Thanks. Our Home Page www.echotown.co.uk Thanks folks. Our music is available on iTunes. Richard.
  10. Please re-read the advertisement. I never said the sleeve was in perfect condition, I said it had a few creases. The record itself is immaculate. And I started the bidding at that price because that is what it is valued at on a few sites. This is the first time I have sold vinyl, and I really hoped I wouldn't be selling this particular one. And it is the 28th rarest Zeppelin record. So yeah, not that rare...but there are people out there that want it.
  11. Yeah man, times are hard at the moment, so sacrifices have to be made. Loved things have to be sold to make some quick cash. Hope you manage to get another job soon. You ever thought of going self-employed?
  12. Sorry to hear about the fire mate. Hope your new house works well for you. There are more important things than Led Zeppelin, and one of those is life itself...so you may have lost your stuff but at least you are alive to re-collect.
  13. I did create a thread some time back asking where I should sell my rare Led Zeppelin Japanese Whole Lotta Love single. I got a number of responses telling me not to sell it at all. Well, due to finances and a holiday coming up, I need the cash. So very very very reluctantly I listed it on eBay about an hour ago. If you wanna get your hands on it then check it out. I guarentee that as soon as I pack it up and send it somewhere, I will immediately regret it. But that my friends is life. The eBay Page Thanks. ReR
  14. It doesn't bother me being called a show off...insults or tactless things said generally roll straight off my back. If I have fun and the audience has fun then its cool beans all around. lol.xxx
  15. So we performed for free the other day at a friends wedding, it was an hour and a half's drive away with all our gear and equipment. Needless to say we had a great time performing. Me and my brother were playing with three other much older guys that we don't normally play with because we don't like their style...they are too stiff and regimented with the set. Me and Rob just like to jam a lot mid session because audiences love it when the band jams. Anyway, to the point. I was really really getting into the rock and roll songs, as was my brother but he was behind the kit, so at the front of the stage with these three other stiff rigid guys I stood out like a sore thumb dancing around and jigging and really getting into my lead breaks. The audience loved it. Anyway afterwards this lady I know comes up to me and says she really loved the show, we performed great and everyone was dancing. Then she said "but you're a bit of a show off aren't you?" It hurt me really. She said it as if it was a joke but I think she did actually think that. I explained there is a huge difference between showing off and getting into the music and letting it become a part of you while performing. Unfortunately that comment was all I could think about for the rest of the night. Anyone else been accused?
  16. Good Job. I used to know that solo, way back when Stairway was part of our setlist. Then I changed it and started using Jimmy's live solo instead, longer and way more fun to play. haha. You should give that a shot next.
  17. Thanks for the link Ev. I was just about to research that further today...you cut out the middle man for me....the middle man being Google. haha! Great link though.
  18. Yeah, he is the guy from Dream Theater. His guitar has a really full sound on both the heavier sections and mellow sections of his songs. Yet he still gets an amazing classic rock sound from his guitar on occasion. I've researched what he is using and I can't seem to find the exact models. As far as stomp boxes are concerned I have quite a few good sounding boxes. I mainly use my BOSS ME-50 multi-effects pedal, Ev can vouch for the ME-50s versitility and ease of use. I think I might just go into a shop and demo a loada pickups.
  19. What a brilliant Proverb. Thanks for sharing. Hahaha. yeah, I wonder who.
  20. redeyedrichard


    Yup we have the best music...or at least had the best music. There is quite a lot of English crap floating around these days.
  21. I'm currently using the factory pickups...Schecter Diamond Plus pickups. They sound great don't get me wrong, but they are just lacking the quality I really really want. By the way, I want my guitar to sound like John Petrucci's ideally. Really into my Prog Metal at the moment. But I still want the versitility to do my classic rock stuff too, although I could use my Strat for that.
  22. Thinking about giving my guitar a spruce... Any suggestions for pickups. A friend suggested Seymour duncan Sh-8 invaders. Thanks. ReR
  23. hahahaha..."HEY THAT'S MY GLUE!!!"
  24. Yeah, I missed out the 80s at first. I do listen to some 80s stuff but it doesn't take much space in my collection. Come to think of it, Nirvana started in the 80s, so did Dream Theater.
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