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  1. Thanks to those who offered friendly answers to my post. Yes, they kicked ass, but a happy band is more likely to tour.... hence my question. best wishes
  2. Geesh.. didn't mean to offend anyone. This seemed like the place to ask questions related to Led Zeppelin. If you don't like the subject of a post you can always ignore it... that way you don't come off as a mean spirited soul, even though I'm sure you are a fine person. We could always talk about what you wanted to talk about artur....
  3. At the end of the last encore (rock and roll), there is lots of love going on between band members, but it looks like JPJ was left out a bit... even by Jason. I watched Kashmir on youtube to see if the end of the official set was any better, but the video cuts off just as the tune ends. Can anyone who was at the show tell me if it was any better after Kashmir? To me, it's always seemed JPJ was on the outside, and under appreciated. Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive on his part.... I just want to make sure he's loved and appreciated! Thanks
  4. Thank you very much for doing this! Well done my man. k
  5. This isn't related to the 02 show, but I couldn't help chiming in when I saw the Alembic question. I know back in the day JPJ had an Alembic 4 string, and something I used to think was an Alembic 8 string. I learned about a year ago after poking around on the Alembic forum that the 8 string was built by a guy named BecVar who used to work at Alembic, then left to make his own instruments. JPJ's 8 string was made by BecVar after he left Alembic. I guess he liked their design ideas because he made some of his instruments just about identical to Alembic. A great shot of the 8 string can be seen
  6. Give me an O, give me an R, give me a G, give me an E.... what's that spell?! ORGE! (orgy?) sometimes guys cover up brand names for personal reasons... one of which could be they don't want to appear like they are 'endorsing' them. Just a guess. I thought it was funny that it kind of spelled out orgy.... rock and roll!
  7. Hello All, My name is Keith, and I'm from Seattle. Just joined the forum this evening and thought I would say hello. I'm a bass player and was heavily influenced by JPJ as a kid. I was lucky enough to see Zeppelin in Seattle at the Kingdome back in the day. They've always been my favorite rock band, and since this amazing reunion show I've found myself getting all excited about them once again. I was very happy to find a Zeppelin website that contained a forum of like minded souls. This place has an amazing wealth of information... I've really been enjoying looking through the posts. Be
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