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  1. Stormbringer

    Celebration Day overdubs

    Yeah, this. I noticed the same. Also not sure what they did, imo they just adjusted levels and maybe fixed some timing, but its still there, just not THAT obvious...
  2. Stormbringer

    Moby Dick

    I think that most of the drummers here or anywhere else do not only listen to it, but it also makes them physically aroused, so I can definitelly tell they are not skipping it . Luckily I am a bass player .
  3. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    Lets wait... few more Zeppelin time minutes and all will be revealed . EDIT: One way or another (I am hoping for THE ONE ).
  4. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    Oh well, yeah, I know noone will bring here some "private" or "inside" info just because some nobody like me asked on the forum ). I just thought, you know, someone has better information then others and maybe some of the guys (RP, JP, JPJ) said somewhere something (publicly or at least among bigger group of friends - not as a secret) maybe? Some other "hint"? And it could be news for us here? I dont know... But yeah, if they could tell, they would do so immediatelly i guess, so my question was kinda naive and ur right ). So forget it and lets wait. We have plenty of Zeppelin time .
  5. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    1) So, few weeks later, does anyone has any hint if Capricorns did call Robert (Well I guess they did, right?) ? . Not asking about an outcome or anything, that would be pure speculations anyway, but there are people who actually know Zeps in person, so they could have some kind of info if they did connect, talked... or like anything at all? . 2) Is there going to be any interview with anyone of them soon (the interviewer might ask same question as I did)? 3) What is your opinion... Did they call him? Did they talk about a possibility of doing something? Or did JP and JPJ just take it as another RPs joke and didnt even think about really calling him? Just curious:). The first two points, I dont know anything, so I am asking. As for the third, my opinion is they called him (or specifically JP maybe called all others?), maybe met, had a talk and the outcome is unknown. Maybe RP said he didnt mean it that way, there wont be anything and they go on with their own plans, or maybe they talked, agreed on something, but its still a secret and they will come up with it when its time... we dont know, but my opinion they DID have some sort of talk since RP made the inerview.
  6. Stormbringer

    Blues band

    I am in a mere 1 minute and I like it already very much. Its kinda too fast, thats the only remark I would put in right now. Yeah, after listening to the whole piece, its very nice in general!!! Great! But slow it down, it disturbs the flow of the song pretty much. I will definitely listen to more of yours later! Cheers.
  7. Stormbringer

    What would you do if you met a member of Led Zep?

    That is a tough one. I think I would faint, pass out (or is it the same?) and wet myself (not necesarily in this particular order anyway). If I ever were conscious after seing them, I would just thank them for their music and tell them how much it ment to me and how much it changed the world I am living it (for the better of course). If I had a chance, I would THEN ask them IF I could take a picture with them or/and have them autographed somewhere, where I can keep it forever as a memory for this very special moment. If everything went good, I would invite them to come over to Czech Republic :-). For sure they would not come, but hey, I already met them, so miracles are indeed possible!!! PS: thanks to all who shared their stories how they met some Zeps!!! GREAT READING, GREAT STORIES!!! Thank you!!!
  8. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    It would be very honorable for all Bonhams if the went out with Jason on drums as Led Zeppelin.
  9. Stormbringer

    Jimmy in... Black Country Communion?

    I really like BCC, but mostly for Jason and Joe. Derek is not showing much in there, his keyboards are mere fillers in their music (maybe a lilbit shame?), so I dont really consider him much and as much as I like Glen elsewhere, I dont really like him here. Neither his voice nor how he shows off. Too much EGO for such a band... If Joe would go apart from BCC, then I would prolly rather go and see HIS concert then BCC, if I had to choose. Ofc, when their problems revealed, there were MANY and MANY speculations about who would step in or how would they work it out.... Jimmy was one of the dreamy options of course ever since. In that case, I would give them one more chance . Recently, I hope Jimmy would be occupied elsewhere in 2014... hint: It would involve Jason too
  10. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    First post here, so WELCOME. FIrst, yet I have to quote it and sign it. All. My words. Thank you.
  11. Stormbringer

    What's your favorite live Trampled Underfoot?

    Welcome to these forums Psychedelic !!! Nice place to be... if you like Led Zep that is )). EDIT: To stay on topic, I also like the O2 version. Kickass JPJ sound there...
  12. Stormbringer

    David Grohl & Jason Bonham...

    I saw a video on youtube some time ago, where he actually explains how his father did it and how he is doing it. I cant see a reason why would you say he doesnt do it PROPER way. Maybe he does it HIS way only, huh? For me, as a bass player, I dont mind how a drummer gets there... what matters is that he DOES get there (timing) ).
  13. Stormbringer

    David Grohl & Jason Bonham...

    ITs on Zeppelin forum and we praise Bonhams here,so Jason gets my vote . Also, as forementioned, if they were going to reunite, Jason is the ONLY possible choice. Who is the better drummer? I dont know, they are both pretty good )).
  14. Stormbringer

    Online gambling, sports, cards, lottery.

  15. Stormbringer

    Who wants to see Led Zeppelin Tour in 2014

    Yeah, that is your opinion Amstel. There are many more that have the same opinion. Keep it. I have my opinion. My opinion is, that Led Zeppelin died 1980 and I was born 1983. Since 1990, I am a huge Zeppelin fan and dream about seeing Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham. If it means Jason Bonham, so be it. He is awesome and knows how to step in his father. I love the music and I love all the guys. Yes, Celebration Day was not much of an improvisation... the Sheperton rehearsals were a little better, but still nothing compared to 1970s shows. OF COURSE!!! They had only ONE OFF SHOW. If I did a one off show like this, I would also not leave my musical imagination out, but rather focus on doing it RIGHT. Thats yet another reason why I wold love them to do some more shows (or even tour)... I am sure, they would get more free spirits out there, not being under preassure that they need to pull off this one show only... They are still Page, Plant, Jones... and Bonham. As I didnt have a chance to see them 1970s, I would give ANYTHING to see them 2010s... Call it The Nobs, call it New Led Zeppelin, call it whatever u want if u dont want to call it Led Zeppelin, but it is (will be/might be) a great music played by great musicians. Thats all I care about!!!!
  16. Stormbringer

    Who wants to see Led Zeppelin Tour in 2014

    Does a bear shit in the woods? AND an album, ofc ).
  17. Stormbringer

    Robert Plant Hints He'd Be Open to Led Zeppelin Reunion

    I am sorry, people, but me, for myself, I AM EXCITED AS HELL. I think this really ment that hes up for it and I cant see a reason why others wouldnt. New Led Zeppelin, ladies and gentlemen!!! 2014!!! You may think whatever u want, but I am thinking THIS ^...
  18. Stormbringer

    Can anyone identify this Zep T-shirt?

    Well, then it is rare at least )). Thanks for your responses. If anyone else would have anything to say about this awesome shirt, bring it on!!! ). EDIT: YAY... 100th post!!! .
  19. Stormbringer

    Can anyone identify this Zep T-shirt?

    Hi, its been like 10 years ago, when I was wisiting my grandma at her hut. She was working at her garden and she was wearing this T-shirt... I was immediatelly like... WOW... and asked her if she would give it to me - and she did. She said, that my aunt (her daughter) brought it from USA in like ~ 80s (not sure). Since then, I was wondering if this is some sort of "official" T-shirt and if so, from which period it is, or if I could get any information about it. It doesnt seem to me that someone just made this one at home. It looks pretty official and really well made, high quality shirt (well after so many years it still looks good, the picture on it is not damaged etc... given it was also a working T-shirt, it really has to be well made). So I finally managed to take some pictures of it and post it here, cos where else could I get some answers? So... anyone familiar with this shirt? Can anyone tell when/where/why was it made? Or has any other relevant information? Thanks. PS: If anyone could correct tenses in the first paragraph, it would be really nice, cos I am pretty sure I messed those up a little and I cant safely say how it should be correctly ). Feel free to correct other gramar mistakes as well, since english is not my mother tongue... . Thanks.
  20. Stormbringer

    Can anyone identify this Zep T-shirt?

    Yeah, that does make sense. Problem is that even my Aunt doesnt really remember buying or having this shirt:). So I cant really tell where exactly or when it comes from.... Shes been to USA too many times to even guess... As the quality is good and the design is very uncommon, I can only guess that there are more of these in the world (why would anyone make a concept and print it in one piece only?) and where else could I ask then here if anyone knows anything about it, right? ).
  21. Stormbringer

    Zeppelin Reunion Tour?

    There are still people who keep their fingers crossed, but as you will see, I will get a lot of negative responses (or none hehe) to this post. FACT is, there mostly probably (~100%) wont be any reunion tour, and probably (~99.999%) not even another one off. SOme Zep fans are even fine with that so that Zeps preserve their mystique around them. Me, for myself, will keep my fingers crossed forever. Its a metter of opinion. but AGAIN, fact stays a fact.
  22. Stormbringer

    I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...

    Yeah well, Hughes has a great voice, but I dont like it. Its something like what Blackore said... they were thinking about having no lead singer, so that Hughes would sing all the songs, but Ritchie was agains cos he didnt want a "female singer" )). Also, Mr. Hughes ego is something I cant stand. I love BCC music, but Hughes is so egocentric, that its being ridiculous at some points. The Chase mentioned Rob Halford as a maybe candidate for one of the greatest voices??? What??? Well his singing fits JP music, but I heard him with Sabbath for example and it was awfull. He is not a good singer imo (but again, its just my opinion). Anyway, Dio is a legend, he will be remmembered forever. Luckily for future generations . !!!Long Live Rock And Roll!!!
  23. Stormbringer

    I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...

    Yeah, he was a great singer. Saw him live only in 2000 with Deep Purple and orchestra. Also wanted to go to see Heaven and Hell, but never got the chance:(.
  24. I would add like 10 more songs to each and every Zep album )))).
  25. Stormbringer

    Hi from freezing cold Edinburgh

    Hi... and welcome!!! It is a great forum this one, you will have a great time here among fellow Zep fans for sure! .