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  1. Sure, I fully agree and I understand this and respect this. I will always respect anyones decision, the more theirs cos they gave me a lot through their music. That being said, noone could blame ME for still HOPING and WANTING them to join together and tour and reunite and all the stuff. Even if they only did few gigs a year. I was born in 1983 and Led Zep became my favourite band when I was about 10. That has been 20 years now and I love them ever since. But I never had a chance to see them live ofc. I love music and I love Zeppelin SO MUCH and seeing them live would be a dream come true for me. And I mean a #1 life dream come true. Am I selfish? Maybe, but I am not forcing anyone, I respect them, but with the three of them still alive and a young Bonham to fill in around, I will ALWAYS keep my fingers crossed. Sue me...
  2. In a film The Client (1994), the kid in the main role is wearing some Zep T-shirt as far as I can remember. His lawer (Susan Sarandon) even talks with him about Zeps there... I am also pretty sure, that in Waines World (and imo both I and II), there is plenty of Led Zeppelin requisites. EDIT: Googled this link to what the T-shirt in "The Client" is, with the dialogue as well... the site itself seems to contain much more... gotta browse it... ! ). http://ledzeppelinre...ites/client.php EDIT2: OH MY GOD... you HAVE TO visit the site... http://ledzeppelinreferences.com/ !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I used to listen to them all the time. And only to Zeps. Like for few years. But then I started to listen to other bands too and even ALMOST stopped listening to Zeps for a while cos I had them so overlistened and knew every little anything by heart anyway. They never dropped from my #1 on my list of best bands ever tho!!! For last few years, I am listening to them like couple of times a week, so I picked that option. Recently, its everyday, but in a long run, I miss some days ofc:).
  4. Looks interesting, but yeah... its so really freaking weird that McCartney is doing this lol . Hope its gonna hit youtube soon so I can check that one .
  5. Me VERY young (1997... was 12 back then) A little older, with longest hair EVER... One musical... few years back One from travels (I like to travel a lot)... 4 years back in NZ with longest beard EVER (3months without shaving ) A more recent one while playing. And finally one from this summer from Peru. So thats pretty much it... . Hope you can see something, these are just few photos taken from facebook... I was too lazy to search where I have originals:). EDIT: It seems ok... to get the point who I am . PS: I just browsed through some of this topic (not really all 336 pages lol, but some "few" pages for sure) and love the topic. Had to add my two cents to keep this going .
  6. 1.Good Times Bad Times 2.Ramble On 3.Black Dog 4.Over The Hills And Far Away 5.Trampled Under Foot 6.No Quarter 7.Since I've Been Loving You 8.Dazed and Confused 9.Stairway to Heaven 10.The Song Remains the Same 11.Achilles Last Stand 12.Kashmir 13.Thank You Encore 14.Whole Lotta Love 15.Rock And Roll Encore 2 16.Communication Breakdown with some Train Kept A Rollin-like Medley This setlist might have its peak way too soon (which is end of dazed comming to stairway imo), but then it was special concert that would not let anyone get bored, so why not have a peak two songs earlier with added tension of the "they could end any song now" for few more songs;). This would be deadly for normal band performance, but for Zeps, it would be no problem at all... Well... no For Your Life... If I were to choose a "new" live song to the setlist, I would maybe put In The Light at the end with Thank You, but the rules were to stick to 16 songs... so either Rock And Roll or Communication Breakdown would have to go from my list. Or maybe Trampled Underfoot. Also, I am GLAD they did For Your Life... was awesome, so...
  7. I dont know. I had to pick Bonzo. As much as I love all the others, Bonzo had something special. He was a beast indeed.
  8. I would rather love to have that lady in STH during the line "dear lady can you hear the wind blow and did you know..." identified. Shes gorgeous .
  9. 1) Since Ive Been Loving You (esp. live) 2) Stairway to Heaven (I know...) 3) No Quarter (again, esp. live) here comes the hard part... 4) Thank You 5) Ramble On 6) In The Light 7) Tangerine 8) Achilles Last Stand 9) The Rover 10) Over The Hills And Far Away (esp. cos of HTWWW live version...) Yeah, its mostly the earlier stuff and mostly the "soft" songs, but hey... so what:). I love ALL their songs, its really hard to pick 10.
  10. To just simply answer your question: THere is only rehersal, which is cca just the whole concert once again... lenght is again 2 hours. There are also two TV shots from BBC news or what... 6 minutes long or so. Last thing there is is the introduction that was screened on stage right before Good times bad times in full format. No backstage footage. Anyway, the rehersal on its own is plain awesome. Its more Zeppelin then the actual concert imo. They are going a little more spontanious on this rehersal, obviously, cos on the actual concert, they didnt want to screw up, so they tried to keep in the rehearsed lines. In Sheperton rehersals, they tried some different aproaches from time to time and ofc, they screwed some up, so, for me, its more live and more Zeppelin feeling. Worth watching for sure!!!
  11. I think that he just knew that so many many many... MANY... zep fans were already too familiar with the concert and all the mistakes, that editing them our would just make it feel "not live" for a lot of them and that he would be... well... "bashed" for doing these changes. Simply said: Cos we all knew the mistake was there, he kept it there. I didnt re-listen the audience tapes ever since I saw the actual Celebration day, so I cant tell how much editing was done there... if any... my first impresion was, that something was slightly corrected cos the mistake seemed a little less noticable on the official release then it was on audience tapes... but was still there ofc. Just my two cents. A little offtopic: I didnt like that Jasons "I cant quit you babe" was edited out and also the speach before Kashmir was taken out for some reason... I liked it...! I am glad that there were not really many overdubs afaik. I like the little "mistakes" that come from LIVE play. Thats what its all about. Making a mistake and musically run out of it like a master! .
  12. Look. Untill I was 10, I didnt care about music at all... all the disco and shit my friends used to listen to (was cca 1993)... nah... then my brother got "Led Zeppelin 4" and I heard Stairway to heaven. Oh lord... I used to come from school and play Stairway few times, then again in the evening. After a while (few weeks? Months maybe?), my brother was like... hey... why dont you ever listen to other songs from the album? They are also good...!!! I thought.... allright, could try it... whatever... ...so I pressed 1... And you already know the rest of my story I guess. I am 29 now, so its been nearly 20 years already! Led Zep is the first band I ever listened to and are #1 for me ever since... and forever will be. !!!Greatest band of the whole fkin time!!! EDIT: Ok, I will also add the rest of my list, it would have to be something like this: #1: Led Zeppelin BIG GAP #2: Deep Purple #3: Black Sabbath #4: Jimi Hendrix #5: Pink Floyd Maybe 3/4 is a tie or could be swapped, but else I think this is pretty much it.
  13. Hehe there is no way they would just omit WLL... as mr. Plant said in O2... there are osme songs, that cant be missed... DaC was one of them. WLL is another one of them . And just FYI... i LOVED ramble on... I love the song and I loved how they performed it in O2. My thoughts about ALS is also that it was just too long to play, combined with too demanding (not hard, demanding) to play. They COULD play as long as they wanted, but I am pretty sure they didnt want to play for more then 2 hours. Any musician has to know how demanding it is to pull out a perfect 2 hour show. Not to mention a special show like this... and at the age they have... 2 hour show is already something I was amazed off. I thought they would play like 75-90 minutes show... but 124 minutes of pure power? I dont think they could include another really demanding 10 minute song... Just my thoughts
  14. Why starting this 5 months after his passing? And also, he has always been a Deep Purple member. He might not have played with the band for last few years, but so what? He was Deep Purple itself . But yes, it was a big big loss... he was one of my absolute favourites and forever will be. RIP maestro.
  15. Just turned 29. But I am not even 20 yet in my mind .
  16. Thank you Strider. I wanted to write this myself cos there is like 4 pages of misunderstanding already:). Its exactly this ladies and gentleman. "to sell out" = to re-re-re-re-relase every little bit with a whole purpose of earning money. "to sell out" also means to let your music be in commercials for Pepsi, Mc Donald, in stupid comedy hollywood movies etc... just to get paid for. Musicians are selling THEMSELVES out like whores. Led Zeppelin did not. Amen.
  17. Do they need help back there or what? I am not sure... Perfect lol:))).
  18. Oh...my...god... This is just awesome, cant wait for projection and the DVD... also, and maybe I am just overwhelmed by this, but at 5:11, there is the most beautifull person I've ever seen . Best song ever, played on the best concert ever and the director makes such an awesome cut right there. Love it... Love her... . I always loved the smile of the indian lady on TSRTS in SIBLY. Was a great moment and this will be the moment of Celebration Day for me. No doubt and again, beautifull...!
  19. They are a rock band. Of course, Their rock is based in a blues, its evolved from blues, its very, very blues influenced... but they are 100% rock band nonetheless. My opinion.
  20. Well I dont see anything bad in tuning down in the first place. So why would anyone bash anyone for doing it... I mean... we can state: "Some of the songs were tuned down", but its all there is. A statement. And why would anyone on Earth bash anyone else for stating such a thing. Ok, they tuned down, nice, well done... any other enlightement?
  21. Jon Lord. Nuf said. As for drums goes, I go all the way with Bonzo anytime and always!!! Group, for me, and now I will surprise all of you... it always was, is and forever will be... drumroll... LED ZEPPELIN... who would expect that:)).
  22. Hi, didnt know where else to put it, also, I will stick to english here, but... was wondering... is here any Czech fan who is going? I just found this one cinema screening Celebration Day and started wondering if I could find anyone else going... or maybe even tell somebody that its being screened in our beautiful country too:). Any Czech Zeppelin fans around here? Cheers. EDITed for a link: http://kinolouny.cz/led-zeppelin---live-in-london-2007---celebration-day---rock-v-kinech.aspx
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