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  1. Hi, I didnt post anything in a while, but still I come occasionally and watch whats going on around zep family. Now I have to post cos I came across this superb band and I need to know your opinion. They are called Siena Root and whatever song I listen to, I just love them. In last few years I came across a bit of really good bands that I got hooked on... Rival Sons or The Brew and few others, but this... I am listening to them all day and cant get enough. That didnt happen for me in years and years. To be exact since I was 11 and discovered Zeppelin... and that has been 23 years ago... Now here we go:
  2. I used to be a competitive downhill skier and skiing instructor for couple of years too (I dont snowboard at all) and I can honestly say... take up ANY kind of sport, it doesnt really matter if its snowboarding or skiing... just do whatever you find more atractive for you . Its not like one is easier or better or anything. Its a matter of ones taste.
  3. Well, Zoe, this is perfection right there... you look absolutelly stunning!!! .
  4. In the Light Rover These are my two firsts... then mb Houses of the Holy or Ten Years Gone Kashimr not last, but not first either. Same with IMTOD.
  5. Red hair you have, you say? . Would you maybe consider contributing to this http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/38-post-a-picture-of-yourself/page-346 topic? . Anyway, why Stormbringer, anyone here knows Deep Purple? )). Not my favourite song, but cool nick name for sure .
  6. Improvisation. Anytime. Anyday. Thats why we all love LZ, no? . And so we like it at any other band too. We? Yes. I am not only speaking for myself here, for sure...
  7. I think they had "an idea". Sure, maybe not AS huge, but fur sure an idea...
  8. I am going to see Rival Sons on sunday. I am soooo much looking forward to it!!! Also in July, I go to see Roger Waters with The Wall Live show...
  9. I loved the video, its really nice! I would have also thought that a fan of JP made it lol .
  10. The title caught my eye and I was wondering what I would find in here, so I clicked it! Beginning looked promissing. A guy who has been drumming for 38 years, widely influenced by godly Bonzo is going to explain some of his timings, swings, give us some insight into how was Bonzo awesome...!!! COOL!!! But then the article itself started and I got a little bit disapointed. All I got from it is.... BONZO WAS FAST... well, I knew that already, thanks... . I expected something more like the talking about When The Levee Breaks, where you explained the thing with his bass drum. That one was very nice!!! I didnt know that!!! I want more of these!!! . What about Kashmir. There is a lot to talk about I think when it comes to Bonzo... At the end, where he attacks his snare drum with such an imense power and in such a speed... somewhere I have heard, that he hits it somewhat off off timing or what, but fitting it precisely, which makes it a brutal masterpiece that not many can play like him... ??? There has to be a lot more remarkables in his plays, give us some, I am sure you know much more! . Anyway, WELCOME to the board, this is a great place to be...! And please dont take my "criticism" hard, I liked what you gave us after all and I am glad you stoped by to share your thoughts about Bonzo, the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time!!! .
  11. I would have to go with Godfather. Love Star Wars too tho .
  12. Welcome to these forums Psychedelic !!! Nice place to be... if you like Led Zep that is )). EDIT: To stay on topic, I also like the O2 version. Kickass JPJ sound there...
  13. Yeah well, Hughes has a great voice, but I dont like it. Its something like what Blackore said... they were thinking about having no lead singer, so that Hughes would sing all the songs, but Ritchie was agains cos he didnt want a "female singer" )). Also, Mr. Hughes ego is something I cant stand. I love BCC music, but Hughes is so egocentric, that its being ridiculous at some points. The Chase mentioned Rob Halford as a maybe candidate for one of the greatest voices??? What??? Well his singing fits JP music, but I heard him with Sabbath for example and it was awfull. He is not a good singer imo (but again, its just my opinion). Anyway, Dio is a legend, he will be remmembered forever. Luckily for future generations . !!!Long Live Rock And Roll!!!
  14. Yeah, he was a great singer. Saw him live only in 2000 with Deep Purple and orchestra. Also wanted to go to see Heaven and Hell, but never got the chance:(.
  15. Nice thread!!! I hitch hiked about 6000 kilometers in my life (around Czech and around Europe) and never had any problem. All drivers that stopped were generous and nice to me!!! When I drive a car, I stop hitchhikers myself and try to be generous and nice to them!!! I love meeting new people, I always see the best on them. Problem is, I am always disapointed later, cos NOBODY is perfect and I still cant coop with that . I dont like my job, but I cant really imagine a job I WOULD like . I play bassguitar, I play in a group and I can handle it well I guess, but I cant play guitar or any other instrument for that matters. I am musical antitalent (I have something I would call a total musical deaf), but LOVE music so much, that I learned how to play bassguitar anyway!!! I was on every continent except Antarctic already for at least a month straight. I am not planning to go there as I love warm weather rather then cold ;-).
  16. Maybe the best overall album in my eyes... no under-average song really and very, VERY hard to choose ONE to be the best... I would be choosing from NQ, OTHAFA, TO probably. All of those are just incredible live and get a brand new dimension to them when played live. And thats what I love the most on music generaly. Its maybe this reason, why I HAVE TO go with... ...drum roll... ...NO QUARTER... .. the solos there are just... self-explanatory... .
  17. I try my best ! Next year I am planning to quit my job and do some more travelling before I turn 30 . I have been thinking about some kind of road trip around USA for a while already... you know.. buy a car, go wherever I want, do some mountain hiking, then ocean... whatever... some love, drugs and rocknroll along the way for sure . Hopefully find some nice and cozy parttime to not totally ruin myself financially as well hehe. Sounds like fun, doesnt it ? Not to be totally offtopic, heres another quite recent picture of me... Its from a "retro" party, hence the half shaved weird beard I have there. I am not wearing this normally lol. But its FUNNY! And by coincidence a friend of mine went also hippie style (it wasnt set, it was just "retro" party), doesnt she look gorgeous??? Here we go, have a good laugh and HAVE A GOOD YEAR 2013 LADS AND GENTS!!! [
  18. In a film The Client (1994), the kid in the main role is wearing some Zep T-shirt as far as I can remember. His lawer (Susan Sarandon) even talks with him about Zeps there... I am also pretty sure, that in Waines World (and imo both I and II), there is plenty of Led Zeppelin requisites. EDIT: Googled this link to what the T-shirt in "The Client" is, with the dialogue as well... the site itself seems to contain much more... gotta browse it... ! ). http://ledzeppelinre...ites/client.php EDIT2: OH MY GOD... you HAVE TO visit the site... http://ledzeppelinreferences.com/ !!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Me VERY young (1997... was 12 back then) A little older, with longest hair EVER... One musical... few years back One from travels (I like to travel a lot)... 4 years back in NZ with longest beard EVER (3months without shaving ) A more recent one while playing. And finally one from this summer from Peru. So thats pretty much it... . Hope you can see something, these are just few photos taken from facebook... I was too lazy to search where I have originals:). EDIT: It seems ok... to get the point who I am . PS: I just browsed through some of this topic (not really all 336 pages lol, but some "few" pages for sure) and love the topic. Had to add my two cents to keep this going .
  20. 1) Since Ive Been Loving You (esp. live) 2) Stairway to Heaven (I know...) 3) No Quarter (again, esp. live) here comes the hard part... 4) Thank You 5) Ramble On 6) In The Light 7) Tangerine 8) Achilles Last Stand 9) The Rover 10) Over The Hills And Far Away (esp. cos of HTWWW live version...) Yeah, its mostly the earlier stuff and mostly the "soft" songs, but hey... so what:). I love ALL their songs, its really hard to pick 10.
  21. Look. Untill I was 10, I didnt care about music at all... all the disco and shit my friends used to listen to (was cca 1993)... nah... then my brother got "Led Zeppelin 4" and I heard Stairway to heaven. Oh lord... I used to come from school and play Stairway few times, then again in the evening. After a while (few weeks? Months maybe?), my brother was like... hey... why dont you ever listen to other songs from the album? They are also good...!!! I thought.... allright, could try it... whatever... ...so I pressed 1... And you already know the rest of my story I guess. I am 29 now, so its been nearly 20 years already! Led Zep is the first band I ever listened to and are #1 for me ever since... and forever will be. !!!Greatest band of the whole fkin time!!! EDIT: Ok, I will also add the rest of my list, it would have to be something like this: #1: Led Zeppelin BIG GAP #2: Deep Purple #3: Black Sabbath #4: Jimi Hendrix #5: Pink Floyd Maybe 3/4 is a tie or could be swapped, but else I think this is pretty much it.
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