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  1. I go with live mostly. I love live performances. It always has something added (atmosphere etc) . But this thread has been here a few times already. Try a search button. Also, could fit into a "poll" section where we could actually vote .
  2. I kind of agree. I listened to some of their studio stuff and live performances are SO MUCH BETTER. They seem to be the rough live band. And I am fine with that . You would have to be there at that gig. It screams Led Zeppelin all over the place, starting with the gong the drummer have and ending with playing Led Zep tunes of course...
  3. I think it has been discussed in so many threads in here already, that it is not really necessary to start another one and post 3 times in it in a row .
  4. Hi, there is plenty of topics with Rival Sons and how they are the new Led Zeppelin etc. There has also been discussed Wolfmother and other bands in this context. Because these bands are all great, I want to introduce this one to you fellas who might not know them yet... I just recently discovered them and they are called The Brew, they are from UK. They just played here in Czech Republic and I could not miss their only gig here... and... they were AWESOME. I have seen Rival Sons like a month ago and they were great, no doubt, but I dare say that The Brew were even better. I do think that guys from Rival Sons are still the better musicians (not that The Brew would not be great on their individual instruments, but if I should mention one, then the bass guitarists ARE on a different level musically, for sure!), but what makes The Brew so great is the chemistry and the style they play and the passion they play with. Its a big show too when they play... If you dont know them, look them up on youtube. If you do know them... what do you think? And since the guys showed a lot of love for Led Zeppelin on their concert, I think that they might even be a members here on this forum . At least I would guess so... they qouted Led Zeppelin multiple times during their concert - a bow guitar solo, drummer solo finished with bare hands followed by Moby Dick when rest of band joined, Bring It On Home riff, Boogie Chillun, Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love... their love for Led Zeppelin was apparent... So, what do you think guys? The Brew... good or great? )). .
  5. Well then listen to Gilmore, Clapton... or... Kossoff!!! If you want a RAW sound, then go for Kossoff anytime!!! No effects, no shit around, just him, his hands, guitar, amp, ear... good day sir... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FhCilozomo
  6. Why? Cos Jimmy is a perfectionist. When you are a musician and you are listening to your live recording, you recognise so many errors and you also sometimes dont like the way it went. Somewhere, you dont like the solo, somewhere you dont like the break, how it sounded, how it went out. That is normal. Yes, this is what LIVE playing is all about, that there ARE those imperfections. Yet. If you can correct these and for example change the solo you did not feel was that great with some solo YOU FEEL was on spot, it is just great too. It gives the song the feeling you want it to have. The songs on live albums are the way they are ment to be. With the live feeling they are ment to be. They capture the mood they are supposed to capture... I am not sure if I expressed myslef the way I wanted to, but I hope you get my point. Sometimes you play a concert and want something to sound somehow. But it turns out badly or oddly or just other way around when u are listening to it. And you fix it from another show where it was spot on. I dont mind these edits. It delivers the definite version, and IT IS still live, cos IT WAS played and IT HAD the FEELING. Just dont look into it that deep if u dont like it and enjoy the music... .
  7. TSRTS... maybe they played some better version, ever, but the quality and ofc the video makes it whole lotta different experience! And musically, cmon, there is rly no flaw. Its SO powerfull...
  8. I would go with song "Radio"... except for the first few seconds (the drum intro), the rest of the song is as if Zeppelin was playing it...
  9. I am not the "no more Led Zeppelin without John Bonham" guy. I do trully wish for them to reunion with Jason in whatever way (tour, one off, album... whatever, really). BUT. What you described here was O2. They already DID what you proposed here. Why would they do it again? Only to do it again and again later? No, mate, it is not a solution for all. Why? Cos its not a solution for THEM. Welcome on board. Peace .
  10. Red hair you have, you say? . Would you maybe consider contributing to this http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/38-post-a-picture-of-yourself/page-346 topic? . Anyway, why Stormbringer, anyone here knows Deep Purple? )). Not my favourite song, but cool nick name for sure .
  11. Not sure about your statement, but I am toatlly sure YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED to judge if anyone is entitled to play with RP, JPJ and JP as Led Zeppelin. I think THEY realised Jason IS entitled (O2 2007), and I guess THEY have more rights to say. Who do you think you are to say shit like this?
  12. Thats one COOL story!!! Thanks for sharing and WELCOME!!!
  13. Improvisation. Anytime. Anyday. Thats why we all love LZ, no? . And so we like it at any other band too. We? Yes. I am not only speaking for myself here, for sure...
  14. 1) I am not a gestapo, but your "humour" was to spam a forum - there was NO other purpose. When I see such a violation of rules, I tell mods. Why not? There are some rules... 2) I dont really speak english that well, so I dont understand some words you are using (in above post, for example, assertion, rebutting/rebutt). If I missinterpereted something, then I am sorry and I appologise. What I got from a context was, that you dont like the band and you wanna show it off on the forum with sarcastically necroing all threads about them asking if they are like Led Zepplin... with no interest whatsoever to get an answer. Sorry, but that is lame, not funny. 3) Here, I may have missinterpreted your words indeed, ok, sorry. We all know that Zeps HAD influence on Rival Sons. No doubts about that, but when they compose, they compose their own songs anyway. Thats what I am pretty sure about . It may work for someone, may not for someone else. Its how they feel the music and I like it. Ok, so all in all. 1) I made some assumptions based on missinterpreting your words and I am sorry for being so offensive towards you in this case. 2) I still dont get it why on Earth would you post a nonsense into EVERY SINGLE RS thread on this forum. Spamming to get to some postcount? Spamming to prove some point? Spamming to have a good day (or even FUN???... thats sad man!!!)? I did get your sarcasm, I did NOT get your humour in it. I still think that reporting spam and necroed threads to mods is valid. And since internet is indeed not a serious business, I would appreciate if we could just stuck to this and close this debate...
  15. Good tabs have notation about time above the tab and there are vibes, hammer-ons, taps, pulls, plugs and whatever techniques described in it as well... (h, p, s, ~ signs etc.). There are better and worse tabs out there, but after all I learned how to play my bass SOLELY from tabs and playing along my heroes (well started with easy bands like Deep Purple and Kiss and only after years I managed to play some Zeps lol). I agree tho, that tabs are here for you to help u learn the song by playing it along the MP3. You are rarely able to play the whole song JUST from the tab (without listening to it at the same time). And with doing this (start with easy songs), you WILL eventually learn how to play a guitar (if u will stick to it and practice for long enough time). But again, I am talking about BASS tabs at least...
  16. 1) Nice necroing pagesbow. On most forums, its not allowed (po post in threads that have been inactive for a long time). I guess moderators should give u some warning. 2) We all know you dont like Rival Sons. Some other fellas here do like it. Where is your problem? 3) You gave 3 examples where you thing Rival Sons ripped off Zeppelin. I have heard all these songs many times before and I never thought of a connection to Zeppelin nor to some particular songs. Yes, of course, now when you say it, they are both slow songs, or both blues songs... If you want to hear sopme connections between those particular songs u mentioned, ok, so be it, you will hear whatever you will want. But is it how these songs evolved? That Rival Sons thought... lets take Going to California and make Sacret Tongue? I have to laught at that. They just made a song. And thats it. Soul is a blues song. You could then say that all blues songs are rips off of a SIBLY??? )))). Laughtable. 4) I did not write this all to defend Rival Sons, but to laught at YOU for trying so hard to show us how BAD Rival Sons are. If you dont mind, its OUR choice what we like and what we dont. You dont like them, ok, good for me. I do like them, deal with it. Cheers. EDIT: I just noticed you managed to necro 5 topics about Rival Sons. Your obsession is pathetic. I reported your posts to moderators.
  17. I think they had "an idea". Sure, maybe not AS huge, but fur sure an idea...
  18. Go, do it. For every post u make in other threads, I will make one in here, so you will never balance things out. After some time, though, we could rename this form led-zep forum to rival-sons forum )))))))).
  19. Yeah, sure, I agree, but you took my words out of context, perhaps i wrote it a little bit badly (my english is not that good). I totally accept different cultures and I would never ever say that the "western" one is superior to other. I was not only in India, but also in Thailand, Japan, China... What I wanted to say with that sentence is, that in India, people were totally unsocial and unpolite. You know.. eating with their bare hands is ok. Thats what they do. Shitting on a street in front of me is not. Its not a culture. Sorry. Truth is they dont have ANY manners. I think it is their culture, so ok, I may have missused that particular sentence. I was only replying to previous post. I also added my best country adept at the end. I have no interest whatsoever in starting a new topic, just wanted to add my two cents to this one... Again, if you are from India, I am trully sorry if I offended you in any way. I only said what was my own experience, there are bad and unmanered and unpolite people EVERYWHRE in the world and as well as that, I believe many Indian people are nice, maybe much nicer then I am... Problem is I may have visited bad part of India on my way back from the mountains. The buddhist part is around Leh, in the north, in mountains. It is called "small tibet". People were very nice and friendly there.
  20. Oh my oh my... you must have been in a totally different Indie then me. WORST COUNTRY EVER India is. Dont go there. Make a HUGE DETOUR around it. Avoid it, please, do!!! People are terrible there. They are filthy (but I MEAN it, they piss and shit on the streets, throw waste everywhere around them, they dont care about hygiene), absolutely anti social (they are doing ALL THE THINGS you are told when you are a child in western world NOT TO DO... they do EXACTLY that!!!), they are unfriendly and mostly poor beggars with no limits whatsoever (they come to you and beg and beg and beg and when u say you dont give them anything, sorry, they beg on and go with you and are unfriendly and... brrrrrrrr). No, really, dont go to India... It has beautifull nature (I was in the north, in Himalayas etc), but the people there just... almost not humans. I mean the buddhist part was nice, people were nice too, but the southern we went, the worse it was. I dont want to say that ALL Indian people are like this, there are for sure exceptions and maybe in the south, it could be a whole different story, ok, but out of 1b people living there, I guess majority is living in these awfull conditions. I have traveled through the world, been on many many places, in many many countries. I have seen poverty, richness, touristic places and uninhabited places too. I met friendly people and unfriendly people too. India is an extreme that I never ever met anywhere else. Ok, back to topic. It is very subjectional (as you can see from what I have just said as well lol), but there are some objective charts too. HDP, healthcare, income, costs, medical care, crime rate etc etc etc... As far as I know, on top places, there is always Canada, Japan, Norway and such countries. So there is something to it. From where I have been, I loved New Zealand the most. Nice place to live, you get everything there (mountains, oceans, deserts, forests, everything). People are getnle and nice towards eachother and its a "rich" country, where anyone can get a job and make a good living off it. Have I said that people are VERY friendly there too? . For me its New Zealand, but I believe Canada and those countries could be very nice too... It would perhaps be too cold in there for me only . I like warmer climate . BTW. Sorry to all Indian people here. I know all is not that bad in there and not all Indian people are "bad". And also, people are people. They live their ways and its ok. Peace.
  21. Face of Light - RIVAL SONS... cant get enough of them lately!!!
  22. Yeah, but I also kinda agree with SteveAJones and Pagesbow on what they just said. He could at least introduce himself and tell us something he already found out before just simply asking. Maybe. But anyhow, even for me it was already a good topic, since wilsoncb420s answer gave me some new information about Led Zep, and that is cool . EDIT: Re-read the first post. he was polite, kinda intorduced himself too... I find Pagesbows answer just too unpolite and rude. Too much sarcasm that was definitely uncalled for. I just at least now understand his reasons . Nevermind, the OP guy prolly didnt even come back, so... .
  23. Uncalled for. This is where we discuss many, MANY different things concerning Led Zep. Why not some specifics about a specific song? I am pretty SURE that many people here know WAY MORE then one can search over the internet... so why not ask them? His question here is totally valid. Your answer is totally uncalled for...
  24. Love the bow sequence thing at the front .
  25. I am going to see Rival Sons on sunday. I am soooo much looking forward to it!!! Also in July, I go to see Roger Waters with The Wall Live show...
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