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  1. This is just sad, but expected... Nuff said.
  2. This deserves more then its own topic, but also some attention . Nicely reviewed. Makes me listen to more of 77s .
  3. WOW... this is just an awesome forum. So many interesting people here that had so much and so intense experience with Zeps. How did u enjoy the time with the band? Any stories to tell? Any special memories? Lalalalalaaaaa this is awesome . EDIT: I didnt even say Hi... so... Hi!!! . I cant even believe I am actually greating someone who was on stage with the best band ever back in the day!!! .
  4. Dear Matjaz1, I dont know you and I dont know anything about your past. I only heard two of your videos you posted here. They are nicely done, there even WAS A GOOD IDEA OR TWO!!! I think that theoretically, you know something about music, but practically, your singing and guitar killed those ideas and this theory totally!!! You might be able to write a good music, because your pation for music is great and your musical taste seems appealing... BUT ... truth is, reswati (and many others) is right and you are wrong. It does not matter who you perform with or where you perform. What matters is your music, and your music is out of tune and terribly out of rhytm. Anyone, and that person does not even need to be musically educated, can tell you that. It is WAY out of tune and even MORE out of rhythm. If anyone tells you otherwise, then he is 1) not straight with u (making fun off you) or 2) also totaly musically wrong. People usually try to be nice to eachothers, and that is your problem. Someone might have told you that your music is fine. He lied, just to be nice to you. But I can see that this aproach only harms you, because you now think that your music is indeed good. It is not, sorry. You seem to only accept people that try to be nice to you, but once someone critisises you, you think HE is unpolite and rude. Me, myself, I wanted to post here few days back. I wanted to tell you how nicely the videos are done and that you might, maybe, work on your rhythm a little more. To be nice AND push you slightly forward as well. I did not post here, because it would not be a fair response. After reading these two pages you made here with reswati, I decided I HAVE TO write what I am writing right now. I know you dont believe me now, you will probably insult me and you will for sure not accept what I tell you. You will still believe your singing is ok and that your guitar playing is spot on. Maybe if more people were straight with you and told you the same what I tell you here, you would find out. You will still believe those, who told you you are doing well, cos its more pleasant to you. You need to hear you are good, because you love music so much and wish you were good indeed. I have no doubts you do love music!!! Music is great and immense. It brings such a great feelings, doesnt it? Listen, I am sure you are a nice person. Try not to immediatelly be mad at me, but think about it. Try to find a strength in your inner-self to admit, that no matter how much passion you have for music and how much you love it, it does not make you a good musician. Again, please, think about it. I hope you are well.
  5. English is not my native language, but is it correct to write so many capital letters? ). Also, why would you start such a topic. Not many people will disagree with u here (some will, for sure, its a very subjective matter), but even if they do, would it make any difference? Do you expect any result of this discussion? Or are you plainly looking for many and many agreements, and occasionally looking for bashing someone who would dare to disagree? . Anyway, to finally reply... Ofc They Are .
  6. Hi, you got 302 posts within a year, thats not that silent at all . I got much much less within 5 years here . And ye, I agree, Its really the most friendly forum out there I know. Zeppelin fans are cool people !!! To paraphrase a well known saying: "Tell me what you listen to, and I will tell you who you are"... Led Zeppelin?
  7. That sounds just great. A well known czech band "Žlutý pes" is covering Freebird on their concerts. Its a great song, but I can imagine In The Light shutting everyone wanting it up:). We never covered Zeps with my band, which is a shame. We jammed on RaR on some rehearsals, but never played it live, altho we are doing this kind of music... John Mayer, Joe Bonamasa, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, BB King... classic Blues-Rock... and some Zeps would fit in so well... but I didnt manage to push any Zeppelin through just yet . I hope I will tho. I would love to hear your version of In The Light as its one of my favourite Zep tunes. Cheers.
  8. Well I agree with Achilles to loose a bit by having only one guitar live obviously. My personal live "dislike" is In The Evening though. I really like studio version and as far as I heard boots, I didnt like the synths JPJ used live. Said that, I vote LIVE. Anyway, Anytime. Thats what music is about. ...:::!!!LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!:::...
  9. Yea, this was totaly out of option aparently. This wasnt even given any thought prolly. Just for the sake of discussion (for example, lets assume, they would have no leftovers they actually used, so they would HAVE TO record something), I am not quite a music historician to be found of trying to answer as of who would join them, nor I have an idea how they would sound like (maybe someone more familiar with JP, JPJ and Robers 80s work could have an idea?), but as for the tour... I think I can definitelly say that NO, no tour or more recordings would have been made. They would record just to fullfill the contract they had.
  10. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/january-26-1969 Thats official enough for me . But yeah, I dont know, could have been some communication breakdown as well .
  11. afaik, the longest show was Boston Tee Party 26/01/69. It took around 4,5 hours and they played a lot of covers, including some Beatles songs etc. People just wouldnt let them go and so they jammed... .
  12. WOW... This one setlist would NEVER EVER occure to me. I would have never thought of such a setlist. BUT Its AWESOME setlist!!!! Thats whole lotta different zeppelin then we "know". Total different aproach, that would just lighten things up. If I could go back in time and somehow manage to visit such a show, with such a setlist, I know I would feel the same... and prolly literally WET my pents on the spot while being there (Well they could play whatever jodling ukulele song and I would wet myself cos I see Led Zep, but thats another story). Good job on this one.
  13. Nice thread!!! I hitch hiked about 6000 kilometers in my life (around Czech and around Europe) and never had any problem. All drivers that stopped were generous and nice to me!!! When I drive a car, I stop hitchhikers myself and try to be generous and nice to them!!! I love meeting new people, I always see the best on them. Problem is, I am always disapointed later, cos NOBODY is perfect and I still cant coop with that . I dont like my job, but I cant really imagine a job I WOULD like . I play bassguitar, I play in a group and I can handle it well I guess, but I cant play guitar or any other instrument for that matters. I am musical antitalent (I have something I would call a total musical deaf), but LOVE music so much, that I learned how to play bassguitar anyway!!! I was on every continent except Antarctic already for at least a month straight. I am not planning to go there as I love warm weather rather then cold ;-).
  14. I just listened to few of their songs and I liked it. I would rather not really compare them to allmighty zep (that could end bad lol), but they ARE great. I really like the singer, hes good, has the Feeling and the Voice. Great. Second best, I like the guitarist who has it, plays well and has great ideas. IMO, the drummer could use bigger set. Dont get me wrong, I like small drum sets, cos having 1000000 drums around and cannot play a single one of them is just stupid. The less the better, but in this case, I would guess some more things to hit would help him and the music. Just my opinion... but HE, he is GREAT. Last, but not least, bass. I play bass myself, and I have to say I dont really like their bassist. And again, dont get me wrong on this... he is great bassist, he is far far far better then I am or I will ever be... but I dont like the style he plays. It doesnt really fit the rest of the band imo. I also dont like the sound he uses. Its not 100% everywhere, but sometimes, sometimes I would just love to hear something slightly different to better connect drums and guitar there and make the band sound more tight. Something bass HAS TO do. But again, I need more listening to them, which I am going to do for sure. I really like their music. Ok, going to youtube again, cheers .
  15. IMO its hardly Zep-related. If it was, Jason would definitelly NOT be the first one to even beep about it... He would never ever dare to even think about spoiling ANYTHING zep related, so he would rather say nothing then anything if, by any chance, he really knew something about whatever it could possibly be ). He would let Jimmy or Robert or John to come with the first beep for sure. 100%. There is SO MUCH respect from him to the other guys. Anyway and again, IMO, its BCC related and we should get to know more about a future of this band soon.
  16. Old Sheep... 1) you suggest that we all think ITTOD is their weakest. Yet look at the comments above and in other threads. There are so many that would not agree... hence your whole poll gets a flaw right here. 2) you even wanted to omit ITTOD for this reason, but kept it at last. When there came a person stating that you omited CODA for that reason, so he voted ITTOD (very reasonable since you, yourself, wanted to do that anyway), you didnt quite recognize your own mistake . Anyway, having said that, I agree that ITTOD is the weakest and as for second, I would HAVE TO go with Presence. I just like their earlier stuff more then these two albums. It doesnt mean I dislike those though, they would still be on top of a list of any other band had they invented something as spectacular as Presnece/ITTOD . So I voted Presence.
  17. Hats-off to you guys!!! When I'll have kids, they will be rocking Zeppelin as well!!! . Shame, they will never get a chance to experience them live .
  18. Maybe the best overall album in my eyes... no under-average song really and very, VERY hard to choose ONE to be the best... I would be choosing from NQ, OTHAFA, TO probably. All of those are just incredible live and get a brand new dimension to them when played live. And thats what I love the most on music generaly. Its maybe this reason, why I HAVE TO go with... ...drum roll... ...NO QUARTER... .. the solos there are just... self-explanatory... .
  19. I try my best ! Next year I am planning to quit my job and do some more travelling before I turn 30 . I have been thinking about some kind of road trip around USA for a while already... you know.. buy a car, go wherever I want, do some mountain hiking, then ocean... whatever... some love, drugs and rocknroll along the way for sure . Hopefully find some nice and cozy parttime to not totally ruin myself financially as well hehe. Sounds like fun, doesnt it ? Not to be totally offtopic, heres another quite recent picture of me... Its from a "retro" party, hence the half shaved weird beard I have there. I am not wearing this normally lol. But its FUNNY! And by coincidence a friend of mine went also hippie style (it wasnt set, it was just "retro" party), doesnt she look gorgeous??? Here we go, have a good laugh and HAVE A GOOD YEAR 2013 LADS AND GENTS!!! [
  20. I do understand all but one thing... " preserving the Zep mystique by not reuniting zeppelin only adds to Zep's greatness". It is edited, to point out the meaning that has been said many many times before by many many people already... and imo........ this........ is............. BULLSHIT. Stones are pleasing their fans by playing THEIR music. What the hell is wrong with that. They have every little bit of right to play their songs. In fact its great they still play together and spread the joy among their fans. That IS what music is for. That IS what they made the music for. I understand everything else. Ok, they (Zeps) dont want to continue without Bonzo, they never did. Fair enough. Plant doesnt feel like doing Zep again. Fair enough. Everything else, fair enough, its their decision and I respect it 100%. But arguing that reuniting (now or ever before) could somehow negatively influence what they did in 70s. Or that someone would think they are selling out so they rather wont do that... thats just silly.
  21. Hell yeah!!! I wanna see that cardiologist!!! Put it on youtube please!!! .
  22. A friend of mine bought them in pre-order, when O2 had it for their customers. Next year is full of good shows here... I already got tickets for Slash in spring and I will go to see Deep Purple later in summer. Apart from those, there will be Kiss that I aint gonna go and Bon Jovi which I also let go since it would be too expensive to go to so many concerts in one year for me:)). There will be much more, but thats it for what I can recall from top of my head now.
  23. I already got tickets for next summer Waters concert here in Czech Rep. Finally going to see him (hopefully) since I missed all his (and also Gilmours) concerts here. Was always somewhere abroad:(.
  24. Starts around 3:35 imo and Robert kicks in @ 3:50
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