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  1. Boogie w/Stu or Black Country Woman. My least favourite tracks from PG. Although I can understand that for someone these could be like one of the the PG signature songs. They fit into the album and define it as something... like... physical... graffiti.... But for me, if I had to choose to leave one, than it would have to be one of those.
  2. Interesting topic! Hard pick, but I would go with my personal best: The Rover Houses Of The Holy Trampled Underfoot Kashmir In The Light Ten Years Gone Night Flight Bron-Yr-Aur Even time lenght would be +- ok...
  3. Stormbringer

    Reunion reports?

    I like watching the bootlegs of O2 as much as i like Led Zeppelin. For me, it was Led Zeppelin down there. And will be if they ever get together as Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham again... I like the Never say never fraze cuz i like it as song by Mr. Big. It just somehow got to fit here:).
  4. Stormbringer

    Reunion reports?

    At least three of them really wanted to do this. If ever within few years Robert changes his mind, for which I say why not, it is still possible for them to tour together. Sure that it wont be now and in Australia or whatever rubbish is being writen somewhere... but from my point of view. Never say never, at least not int he way you said that.
  5. What exactly he said he is going to do with this 4some all-girl string quartet actually? Mr. Sex, drugs and rocknroll?? ). Yes, and he will record something with them too, Kashmir seems like a nice choice.
  6. You should check the link I provided more carefully. It is not RITCHIE who is going to play with Rainbow...
  7. Well, I guess this could be it, but I think it has already been announced few days ago... http://www.thehighwaystar.com/news/2008/11...er-the-rainbow/
  8. Exactly that is what I wanted to add to that analysis he made. Thanx.
  9. I was just listening D&C just to hear what you are talking about. Lol I would not even notice they screwed because they just blow away my mind at these parts of the song:))). The whole gig as far as I can tell from those pure recordings over the internet was just brilliant and so I wondered what a shit happened... It is hard to tell who screwed going to E-D-A E-G part. It is clear that Jason thought it is sooner as for his cymbals go really alone without support of a guitar at first. Anyway that is no problem since it fits in the song anyway... After a while, Page goes for it himself and Jason misses that:). But he gets it immediatelly and so they do E-D-A E-G part with just a little mistake at the beggining, again, no problem. They are clearly well sync at the end... But than the fill... Jason gave absolutely clear indication of that the fill is going to follow. Listen to the typical attack on a tom drum (or what do you call that one in english... I aint no drummer nor is english my mother language). ONE TWO THREE FOUR, FILL.... and nothing, Jimmy was just in the middle of his best, but still he should have listened to what his drummer is doing:). It does not matter if it was the second or fourth or whatever repetition of whatever. If drummer is doing such a fill you have to stop and follow him. That is why I think this was Jimmys fault. Maybe he was a bit upset that Jason pushed him to end his solo a bit sooner than he wanted to (with the cymbals before E-D-A E-G part). . However, they managed to get out of the problem smoothly. Most of bands would just fuck it up, but not Led Zeppelin. Bonham immediatelly made it flowing and Page caught so everything was just fine. This little "out of sync" was nothing but normal. Without those little issues, LIVE music would be damned lose...!!! I like the way they handled it!!!
  10. I am quite sure I saw a Fender bass too on some of the vids. Not sure if Precision or Jazzbass though...
  11. Scores so far : Name of the song goes first, then first number is how many times it was mentioned in the topic and the second number is a score of the song, which was counted depending on the order you gave it in the list- mentioned first 5pts, mentioned second 4pts...last 1pt): Achilles Last Stand 13 54 The Rain Song 9 30 The Rover 9 28 Heartbreaker 9 28 In The Light 7 24 --------------------------------------------------- The Battle Of Evermore 6 20 In The Evening 6 14 When The Levee Breaks 5 12 Communication Breakdown 5 10 Tea For One 4 14 Going To California 4 12 Over The Hills And Far Away 4 11 Dancing Days 4 11 The Ocean 4 10 How Many More Times 4 10 Ten Year's Gone 3 10 That's The Way 3 6 + some more mentioned once or twice... this is just brief summary of the most wanted so far... When there were mentioned 6 songs, I gave both fifth and sixth one point for last place, on the post with doubled third place, both of them got 3 points for third place.... Maybe not fair, but who cares:)). Now just go on and dont feel bothered by my post:).
  12. Yes! I love these too! But I can pick 5 mine now . Thank You Ten Years Gone In The Evening Over The Hills And Far Away D'Yer Mak'er ----------------- To have my perfect choice out of these 10: The Rover In the Light Your Time is Gonna Come Over The Hills And Far Away Thank You
  13. Hey I really loved the end (on videos, I was not there:( ). Did you notice, how Jason put his head into his hands couple of times? That was just wonderful, as if he was saying: "Wow, is that true? My dream came true..." and he could not believe it... I love that moment, because I can see that it meant so much to him, this one night he was waiting for even more than we were... So nice.
  14. Hi, I stopped by just to say thank you to all of you that post here your reviews, feelings, experiences and also, of course, videos and photos of the show. I am one of those unlucky ones that got no ticket in no way, no matter how I tried:(. You are all I have. Thank you. Now for my story, briefly... I wrote it once but my computer colapsed before I managed to post it. Shit what else will go bad this week? . Yes, I thought about going to London anyway, without a ticket (I am from the Czech Republic), but I realised that I got no chance to sneak into the arena nor buy it outside for a reasonable price (I dont have hundrets of pounds as an university student, really. I could afford 125 pounds + travel expanses, yes, but 300...600...??? For a student? I would have to know about the show years before, not few months lol... I would give up school and find a full time job to get the money!!! (kidding... but not that much heh)). How fool I was. I Should have TRIED!!! Why? Becouse now, I only sit here. I can barely eat or sleep, I cant do anything but browse internet for new information about THE CONCERT. I have been sitting here since tuesday morning and I am speechless... And by now, I know I WILL GO ANYWHERE ON THE FUCKING PLANET if only I get one more chance to see them live. And I dont mind if that will be sold out. I WILL TRY next time... I promise! Luckily enought, I did not have to go to work this week and I did not have to go to school as well (I am in the last year of university studies. I have to go to school like once in 14 days... I should learn for my final exams or write a dissertation instead... but... how could I???! I really do not have thoughts for economy these days...). I have all days to sit and watch the screen for anything new about Led Zeppelin. I saw all the vids on youtube x times. I read every topic here on this fabulous forum. Thats why I registered here. That is why I am saying thank you all!!! So thats it. I am 24, I love Led Zeppelin ever since I was 10. They have always been my band number one... whole my life!!! They mean so much to me!!! And I am sad. Very sad, that I missed my only chance to see them. Jesus how miserable I feel........(((((. I am praying for a DVD. I am praying for the tour or at least few more concerts anywhere... I love you Zeppelin!!! You just gave me no chance!!! PLEASE. I BEG YOU. Do some more. It cant end like this:((((.
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