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  1. hey, Tiina, where and when??? I can't find the details on either homepage!
  2. Like most contributors here I think it is rather impertinent to talk about "owing" -- who are we to tell Robert what to do? If they decide to give us more, great, but we should also respect Robert's hesitation, whatever his reasons. The only thing we can say is PLEASE ROBERT!! THERE ARE SO MANY OF US OUT THERE WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO HEAR YOU LIVE (NOT ONLY YOUNGSTERS, ALSO WE POOR MIDDLEAGED DIEHARD FANS FROM NON UK EUROPE) THAT YOU WOULD MAKE A WHOLE WORLD OF MUSIC LOVERS VERY HAPPPY. WE HAVE FOLLOWED YOUR MUSIC OVER THE YEARS AND WE STILL ADMIRE IT. IT WOULD BE OUR ONCE IN A LIFE
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