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  1. I remember being in Cwm Einion, and I met with a group of hippies, they were just on the side of the road, dancing to Led Zeppelin, kind I came across them, one of their favourite song was Stairway to Heaven, I said, oh yes you my people have come to the right place, and as we played out the words of Stairway to Heaven in that beautiful valley each line of every lyric to that song relates to the beautiful place, how do you know this, I said oh someone very - very special told me, and with that I bid them peace and went on my way.

  2. Well, it's easier to compliment another girl than to compliment a guy. Because if you tell another girl that she's beautiful, she's most likely just going to be flattered. Women like to hear those sort of things. If you tell a guy he's handsome, me might be thinking that you're coming on to him....

    Funny you should say that, I have heard of that before, some girls were discussing

    from work the very same subject,just the other day, I could not really join in, because

    at the time, I was up a step ladder. :D

  3. Hmm, never noticed the jewelry!! :rolleyes: kidding.. of course. BUT, have you seen his jeans??!!!! :wub::wub:

    A lot of his jewelery is Celtic, welsh designs, it is very beautiful, and well in my opinion jeans are just that jeans. end of !!!!!!! :unsure:

  4. thankyou, and is the baby ( in a previous pic ) karac or logan?

    If your talking about the one with the little boy with a mass of curly hair,

    yes that is Karac, who died back in the seventies, of a stomach infection, while Robert

    was in the USA on tour.

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