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  2. Some of those scene s I see everyday Brspled, everyday to work, so glad you enjoyed your stay, and other parts of the UK are just as lovely, Scotland is pretty, and Wales is very beautiful,I have not been to Ireland, but the Channel Islands, are goreous, Jersey is a favourite place of mine.
  3. That I must get off the dam computer.
  4. take it from me I look good, I may post a picture. in time
  5. take it from me I look good, I may post a picture in time>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. I can t do that posh do, but hey I have done the zipper, been getting ready for two and half hours and look amazing if I say it myself, got to go now look out woman on the pull>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. JUST SAY Happy christmas to those who do?
  8. what do you do when you have ten minutes to finish getting ready and you cannot zip your dress up? any takers, oh god H E L P
  9. Compliments of the season to all. A very Zeppelin Christmas to all.
  10. Smoking does age you, it is horrible, you can tell if someone smokes, the smell is their clothes, hair, and their skin has a dull appearance, I hate smoking and have done it, it makes me sick.
  11. Just bought a beautiful set of Champagne Flutes I have always wanted some all different colours. On Christmas day I am going to have a Champagne Breakfast.
  12. Led Zeppelin will tour. A new Led Zeppelin album no, I don t think so.
  13. just thinking after a dinner party who is going to clear up
  14. Georgia

    Dot Com Santa.

    The gift I would give everyone here, is a chance to Zeppelin, especially for the people who did not see them in the O2. (But I would like to give Old Scratch) a new name, like Itch, it suits him better. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S, A N D H A P P Y N E W Y E A R T O Y O U A L L.
  15. It was as close as it gets, he was the best, and such a lovely kind man, I am sure he was there in spirit, listening, and feeling very proud of his son Jason, you will never be forgotten, you were the best, and always will be.
  16. Lap top widescreen it is my baby>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :rolleyes:
  17. Happy Christmas to all you lovely people who make this board so special. E N J O Y
  18. Georgia

    Hi I am new

    Oh gosh, do you that s cool, she has just become a new mum if I remember correctly. \you live in a nice place, today \i just had a beautiful christmas car all glitter from my dear friend in Florida, which was nice.
  19. Georgia

    Hi I am new

    Jimmy Page s daughter is called Scarlet, W e l c o m e.
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