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  1. That is such a lovely picture, and something you will treasure.
  2. I think they will do Glastonbury, and I also think they will play in Wales, England Scotland, and Ireland, then tour Europe, then on to US, then they will call it a day, my view, but that is what I think is going to happen.
  3. This morning it was Good Times, Bad Times This afternoon, U2 Now Elton Tiny Dancer.
  4. Georgia


    Hey christmas is nearly here, raising a glass of rich red wine.
  5. why? I often walk round semi naked.
  6. ummmmm Not to much right now. LOL
  7. He looked a bit of a mess, besides that he was totally hooked, a little weird as if he could not talk quick enough>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Well sorry but he did tell me my daughter was there when he said it.
  9. I will - I guess be grateful to them for the beautiful music they created, many of the songs I grew up with, and whenever you felt down they would cheer you up. Also for their story, they,were not just a rock group, they had a story to tell.
  10. Just had someone on the phone they received an e mail to say Led Zeppelin breaking news, they are going to do a tour< that is all I know right now. Check it out
  11. Gosh what a problem, I don t know what to say, have you asked him why?
  12. Very nice, a great city, so glad you enjoyed yourself.
  13. I think it is very sad when people who were lucky to get tickets for this amazing event, cannot conduct themselves in a proper manner, to be there in the first place was an honour, to have it spoilt by a load of nutcases, is just awful.
  14. I do not know you, but it is always nice to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.
  15. Georgia

    Speed Dating.

    a cousin of mine did, and she had a bad time full of creeps, maybe dating agencies are better, but, in my opinion it is best to meet someone naturally like everyday I have met some quite cute guys this way.
  16. In my research I came across a photograph, of all four of them sitting in a very cosy kitchen, but I am not sure if it was Bron yr Aur. The inside of the cottage especially the kitchen is very, very small, typical welsh old fashion kitchen from my grandmothers era.
  17. That I have been a little naughty LOL
  18. I so agree, with that, and if your free and single all the better.
  19. How strange, but well nearly mile high club --- I guess. LOL
  20. Get up for work , look out the window everywhere is white with frost, ughh, got to go to work at least it is lovely and warm there.
  21. Robert Plant told me personally in 2003.The lyrics to Stairway were written at his welsh home.
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