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  1. Georgia

    Iam new Hi

    If you do not mind me saying, you do not appear shy!!!!!!
  2. Strange eyes, to much make up. Natural is beautiful.
  3. They did do something together, at one time it was for Charity, it was in the days when Jason used to go down to Wales to do Motorcross Racing, but I cannot remember where I read that,but it did happen.
  4. Truely amazing performance, really wonderful a big hug to him.
  5. tell me what is your favourite lyric, out of the the songs Led Zeppelin wrote, I was looking at the words of some of the songs last evening, and was chatting with friends, all sorts came up,so we had a debate to find out which ones or solo one, they liked best, mine was: From Stairway to Heaven. With a word she can get what she came for. I also like Speak to me only with your eyes, b
  6. Thank you for requesting add a friend, will be delighted.

  7. Led Zeppelin, did die with the death of John Henry Bonham, I do not know if they will reform, people I know and work with have said it is wonderful that Johns son is sitting where his Dad sat. In a way for that magical evening they were re born but if it is here to stay we will all have to wait and see. We can hope, and pray they will come round again, but listening to a rare DVD that I have with interviews,with Robert, jimmy and John Paul, which was recorded sometime ago, they say No they would not reform, but they have for that night, but that could be for Ahmet, and the
  8. it is clear that some people do not know how to behave.
  9. Giving excellant customer service at the place I work a thank you. a smile from a lovely attractive stranger. right now, a glass of red wine........................................................
  10. Georgia

    Iam new Hi

    yes I love zeppelin, but I do not get much time, as I work nearly all the time, but with all the revival, and news in papers,and magazines, I thought I would join a forum,where do you live? I work in fashion design in London.
  11. Ohhhh how sweet, I loved John, he was such a nice guy. he was always laughing.
  12. Georgia

    Iam new Hi

    DITTO, I am also new.
  13. Georgia


    Going out for Italian, with a friend.
  14. Just wondering what it is. I just love, No Quarter, it is magical, and beautiful quite haunting really.
  15. It is cold, and dry and sunny, definately need a coat if your outside.
  16. Well I was in Paris, with work so I could not attend, I wanted to but was so busy,so maybe they will tour, hope so.
  17. Hi I am a new member, just finding my way around, I am single after being in a relationship,but happy right now.
  18. Yes I read his middle name was Anthony, in the papers before the reunion gig.
  19. My name is Georgia, and I have been a Led Zeppelin fan for a long time, I live in London, a great place to live, I work in the city. I am single, have shoulder length hair, and green / blue eyes. My favourite Led Zeppelin song is No Quarter, I like all of the band members. I hope you will add me as a friend. Thank you.
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