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  1. Beautiful Robert, beautiful man.
  2. I have loved Led Zeppelin, since I was 16 years old, I saw them live in 1973, I was sitting in a pub somewhere back then at 16 you should not be, with a boyfriend, and Good Times, Bad Times came on, since then,and remembering what they were like, I have always loved them, Their music is inspirational, and their music has always been a wonderful part of my life, through the good times, and the bad times.
  3. I do not know you, but have a great birthday.
  4. yes , absolutely anywhere in London would be good.
  5. i love you.can t wai to see you,xxxxxxx


  6. Right: To never grow old. to have perfect skin to have perfect nails to be really really rich. most of all to see the guy I have just met. thats it P E O P L E>>>>>>
  7. having a facial, having my hair done, getting the blonde bleach out of it, and having nail extensions and tomorrow, going out to lunch.
  8. Talking of nails just had extensions done today and my hair is now a reddy colour, looks amazing.
  9. Had to work, so missed it all. Never mind can read the posts about it.
  10. Get the tribute book, instead, it helps, you can order it on the internet for £20 I had i the book as a christmas present, I think p and p is extra. I know it is not the same but it is so fascinating, and DVD is excellant.
  11. Someone has just told me Robert Plant is on TV today, at 12 noon, does anyone know anything about this? Or what is it about.
  12. There is a lot of land surrounding the cottage itself, I wonder if he owns that or if not, he should put a fence up and just let people see it from a distance and take a photograph of it, I am so glad I have all my photographs of the place as it was with the lucky horseshoe above the door, there is a right of way but that is at the back of the cottage, I don t know how you would get round to that part, the view is truly amazing, and exceptionally beautiful,I can see why Jimmy was inspired by that. The cottage has changed so much with wooden windows taken out, and replaced by plastic ones, and also the fact there is an extension - it does not look the same as it was, and that is sad.
  13. That is wonderful. Amazing. Thanks for posting that.
  14. I have a massive collection of things, and would not like to take the chance aplogises,but this is how I feel.
  15. I have read so much about different gigs being the worse ones they did, I guess being a really big fan, it is hard to say, which was bad.
  16. Interesting, yes many thanks for posting that.
  17. Someone else told me about this, I am sad I missed it.
  18. None of them, very happy with someone right now.
  19. The World of Coco Chanel, Friends, Fashion, Fame. truely amazing.
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