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  1. Yes a tribute book to the life of Almet,and all about Atlantic Records the acts they signed and a beautiful DVD all about his life, you can buy it on the internet for around £20.
  2. being back in work and seeing everyone, and waking up this morning and no damm snow, I feel better now I hate snow,the very word make me ill.ughhhhh
  3. Georgia


    yes that is wonderful
  4. A friend of mine, who has just gone to live in France, used to be a drummer with Fleetwood Mac, and he was drumming one day with John, when his drum sticks broke, looking across the room, and noticing immediately what happened, John threw him over a new set, and laughed, afterwards they went for a drink together, and he told me he was the nicest guy you could wish to meet .
  5. I so agree with you, a book that is this important to the wonderful life of Almet should definately, have been correct. I have written a book, and when it is finished I will be prepared for it to be torn apart, but at the end of the day it is very time consumming and very hard to write one, and I am on the last Chapter which is 14,but at the moment I am working on something else, and have had problems with daughters to sort out I have put it to one side, but when it hopefully goes for publishing you want it right at the end of the day.
  6. well they are talking to Jason, after talking to John Paul and jimmy and Robert, and Jason says what a great thing it is to play with jimmy,john and paul. so no mention of Robert.
  7. Sweetheart, don t work to hard babe.xx

  8. Why are you being hard on yourself, I bet you are good looking really, and I think brspled is very attractive, wish I had dark hair.
  9. Georgia


    My two beautiful daughters. The sunset, in summertime. Life right now.
  10. Well I can see his point , if he is there in his garden in summertime, having some tea, and a load of on lookers are watching him, I would not like it, if that was me.
  11. I know but this was special, it is such a beautiful book, and the DVD is so interesting.
  12. I showed the book to someone, who knowns a lot of about books, he works with them, he totally agrees with me, it is a mistake, and in such a beautiful tribute book, it should of been checked, it is very bad it was printed like that, I am sure Jason Bonham never said that,missing Robert Plants name out entirely.
  13. All the pictures here are of beautiful people.
  14. Dry, cold, and maybe snow will come.
  15. My dog molly will not keep still for more than two minutes. I will try and get a picture of her.
  16. Georgia


    Congratulations with writing that. good for you.
  17. In the tribute book to Ahmet Ertegun, there is a mistake, in what Jason says about him, it must be a printing error, I wonder if anyone else noticed this.
  18. I am so drunk now I can t even see the keys to type it....................
  19. 15 minutes after midnight, fireworks fill the air, it is magical here, Happy New Year, and a hugh wish, Led Zeppelin tour,please...................................
  20. beautiful sarah, really lovely send it to me in an e mail, pauline.
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