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  1. best of luck is what I say LOL
  2. Georgia

    More Bonnaroo Rumours

    The best thing is to wait and see, and be pleasantly surprised maybe.
  3. Yes, that is a nice story, and sometimes relationships go wrong, or people move on, but it sounds as if you two are meant for each other, so good luck with it, tread careful, talk and work things out,I am sure all will be well.
  4. Treasure that little one, it is the best time they grow up, teens now I don t understand.LOL
  5. Well in this edition today 31st January,2007 it says in The Express the following A source close to rockers Led Zeppelin, has revealed the band following their triumphant one-off reunion, will start and 18month world tour after Glastontonbury,2008. Until this is announced properly will I believe it.
  6. John Paul Jones definately looks really good for his age, his skin is amazing,and his movements,he moves well,and holds himself straight.
  7. Welcome to you, I know the area you live, it is very beautiful.
  8. I have seen that book a friend of mine has it, it is beautiful, the pictures are amazing.Well worth it if you can your hands on a copy.
  9. I never knew any of that, thanks so much
  10. Dressing up in a little black dress, with black stockings and suspenders, and throwing caution and anything else to the wind, and out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Grey, depressing and raining, but inside warm, light, and beautiful.
  12. It gives a greater understanding to how Atlantic Records was formed, and all about Ahmets life, he dressed so smartly and seemed such a gentleman, and of course a great understanding of music.
  13. I have grown up with Led Zeppelin, I can honestly say I could not imagine my life without them, the beautiful music they made,has made my life better,their music is both inspirational, and exceptionally beautiful. The people who say they hate them do not understand, the beauty of their songs,and the lovely words they contain. I feel sorry for people like that, and I am glad I am not one of them.
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