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  1. Georgia

    Speed Dating.

    is this a thread about P.H. or what?
  2. No thats not the one, they are sitting round a kitchen table
  3. Surely this thread should not be Happy New Year.
  4. Exactly. I was scared they would die before they reached Court, LOL
  5. Oh yes, the trouble was the guy who was in trouble for keeping them was a real babe,and he fancied me as well, I was only 17 at the time, but he was gorgeous,his mother was a very famous actress.
  6. i was a Secretary for a Police Inspector, so I had to look after them after a famous person was caught with them back in the 1970 s, ??????
  7. I have looked after Cannabis Plants for evidence in court trials.
  8. \\i know they are happy with the women they have, and their private lives are just that private, they gave us beautiful music, and we are devoted fans, and I really think they deserve to have privacy, in their personal lives.
  9. A lot of pictures, are repeated, it is the way it is.
  10. I think it is a lovely picture, and certainly two very happy people, and why not!!!!! Very nice ladies.
  11. Busy working, but taking a short coffee break.
  12. I am a life long fan of the rock group Led Zeppelin, my favourite member was the late John Henry Bonham, everyone who I have met, who is a zeppelin fan and remembers him,says he was a true and professional man. Everyday,one Led Zeppelin song gets played when I arrive home from work, and cook some dinner, then Led Zeppelin are playing, I cannot begin to say how much their music means to me.
  13. Georgia

    Snake bite pics

    First of all so sorry. Second I had to hide behind a cushion after looking at picture one. I go a funny colour and have a funny feeling about those creatures. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  14. That it was a lovely christmas.
  15. I am pretty sure he is very proud of him, I think he went to see him not long back in London.
  16. My daughter is going to New Zealand in February second visit. Her boyfriend has worked there for nine months, and now they want to go back there,and both say they would like to live there.
  17. It certainly is a very beautiful house, and I guess he would of spent some really happy times there, if I had a house like that I would not get rid of it.
  18. I agree they are very beautiful/colourful pictures.
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