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  1. He is a good looking guy - saw him a few years ago.
  2. Estee Lauder eye repair, and also Night repair complex, little brown bottles, very expensive but they do work.
  3. 46 but hate talking about age, feel 30.
  4. I do not look my age - owing to a life time of Moisturising, creams and potions, and water and lots of sleep avoiding stress.
  5. I have read with interest this thread, and I don t understand one bloody word, I just looked how much wine - I have drunk Laughs!!!!
  6. Georgia


    Nibbling crackers cheese, and christmas cake mmmm lovely
  7. drinking a nice wine, and looking at the tree twinkling, I kinda love this time of year, the fire is buring and it is cold wet and horrid outside, and the dog is fast asleep, perfect.
  8. Watching my daughters unwrap their presents and getting what they asked for, and the dog running around chasing christmas paper,that was flying around, and wearing a cute dog collar with bells on it.
  9. he always was, and always will be, Beautiful.
  10. Georgia


    I know that John Bonham picked his out of a book because he liked it.
  11. He was the best, he left his hat behind, and yes 59 same age as Plant, they were I believe old school friends, but, wherever he is now in the house in the sky, he found his stairway,cheers John you were the best.
  12. forgot to add a surprise food hamper from Marks and Spencers, full of yummyness>>>>>
  13. Perfume New Bag. Mothership and DVD Memorial book from 02 some computer softwear. Money for the Sales. New Dress. some surprises which I have not opened yet.
  14. If you post your picture on here, you may get a better chance.
  16. Georgia

    The Reunion DVD

    :thanku: Oh wouldn t that be just wonderful, getting down on my knees and praying yes yes.
  17. Georgia


    Maybe finding a new LOVE.
  18. They have to have some privavy, I mean don t we all.
  19. I would say Yes, he would, and he would of created the big sound he was famous for, without a doubt.
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