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  1. nah....Pink Floyd have him lined up for THEIR reunion concert.
  2. nah.....by then it'll be cold. they won't wait that long.
  3. anyone want to bet money? I say there will ABSOLUTELY be a DVD within the next 3 to 5 months. c'mon!!! any takers??
  4. it doesn't. This tour was probably already etched in stone. Zep will return....guaranteed.
  5. thanks alot!! It doesn't sound crap at all....i wish i could've been there....damn it ..i should have been there as long as i've been into Zeppelin....over 38 years. I've NEVER gotten weary of their music. Love and peace to you and yours as well!! and i'll check that link out!!
  6. by the way, that was my first post here......so i'll welcome myself to the Zep forum.
  7. to England....impossible i'm afraid. But for someone who has been listening to Zeppelin since the beginning....seeing those youtube videos damn well brought tears to my eyes. no joke. When all this was being announced i thought "oh no....another embarrassing performance".... but i was wrong. they sound fucking GREAT!!! hope this supposed DVD doesn't take forever.
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