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  1. Speaking of alternate tunings, is the unreleased version of 'Keys to the Highway/Trouble in Mind' in open G or a drop D?. I just heard the full version on my local rock station and damn it sound good.
  2. Fair enough. I had read various opinions on the origins of the unledded project and was curious as to possible answers.
  3. Harsh title but valid question. Is it true that Plant, (or his management team) invited Jimmy to participate in the unplugged session to boost Robert's (perceived or valid) declining solo career? I bring this up as Robert was the one who was against any form of musical partnership with Page and Jones post O2 yet the Unledded partnership was incredibly successful. Would he, (or management) go back to links in his initial success with Zep when commercially needed?
  4. Yikes. Thanks for the info, I think.
  5. I've been reading Neal Preston's new book and there's a picture of him. Is he still around? Was he a practising physician or a 'doctor'. Thanks for any input.
  6. Minor slip up of the 'Ten Years Gone' mistake. I am reading it now and love this.
  7. That is a great analogy Dandu. He must understand the public's desire for 'another kick at the can' seeing as he is faced with it during every interview. What purpose do his comments serve, to rile people up, to get countless fans excited or to make a joke? I know that there are more knowledgeable people on this forum. Has he ever said anything similar in the past?
  8. If he's dicking with the press then he is dicking with his fans as well. Why get MILLIONS of people excited at the prospect of seeing the band again only to say that he was joking. If this ends up being some sort of joke at the end of this roller coaster, I will have lost all respect for him.
  9. Good point SuperStatic. He would have to know the response that this would create. I just hope it's not some huge joke.
  10. I don't want to speculate but when you read the latest interview posted in the Jason Bonham Zep Experience thread, there was something major that was coming out soon that was being kept under wraps. Any coincidence?
  11. Man of constant sorrow is phenomenal. That music is great. That being said, is all of the 'reunion' shit on magazine covers for Celebration Day or is there perhaps something in the works? Cheers.
  12. Have they ever done this much press together for any other release? I'm on cloud nine over all of this and as much as I try to shut it out the 'r' word is ringing in the back of my head.
  13. You already may know this but on 'It Might Get Loud', Page tells the Edge how the song originated. I've known how to play the song for ages but when Page explained how it's almost a circular pattern, I thought, 'holy shit, how come I didn't see this?'. I firmly believe that this is the greatest rock song of all time. There are amazing songs out there but this is incredible. I saw it quoted once, (I'll try to find it later) that this song represents the last dinosaur on Earth walking down the street. Pretty simplistic yet pretty powerful. Cheers on an interesting topic.
  14. That is a really nice photo. After seeing the concert, the one thing that stayed with me was how much they smiled at one another. I don't want to get into the reunion 'thing' but my overall impression is that they seemed to REALLY enjoy that evening and it seems like such a shame that it didn't continue, (other record releases, it was a 'one off', etc...). For guys in their mid 60's, I was incredibly impressed. My buddy said, "that was only after 6 weeks of rehearsals and no real reunion for over 20 years. Holy shit!"
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