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  1. Speaking of alternate tunings, is the unreleased version of 'Keys to the Highway/Trouble in Mind' in open G or a drop D?. I just heard the full version on my local rock station and damn it sound good.
  2. Yikes. Thanks for the info, I think.
  3. I've been reading Neal Preston's new book and there's a picture of him. Is he still around? Was he a practising physician or a 'doctor'. Thanks for any input.
  4. You already may know this but on 'It Might Get Loud', Page tells the Edge how the song originated. I've known how to play the song for ages but when Page explained how it's almost a circular pattern, I thought, 'holy shit, how come I didn't see this?'. I firmly believe that this is the greatest rock song of all time. There are amazing songs out there but this is incredible. I saw it quoted once, (I'll try to find it later) that this song represents the last dinosaur on Earth walking down the street. Pretty simplistic yet pretty powerful. Cheers on an interesting topic.
  5. I've mentioned this before. About 4 years ago, (after a couple of drinks) I emailed Halfin for the hell of it. I asked that since he was a friend of Jimmy's, what is he up to musically. He emailed me back, rather quickly and simply wrote, "He's retired". I believe him. Page is 68. He's no Jeff Beck, who's still innovative. There is no more music. I think this BS about new music is getting old. I just don't understand why he keeps rehashing old material, (Mothership, the Genesis book, Deathwish soundtrack, Lucifer Rising and these absurdly priced nostalgic photos).
  6. I saw last night's show at the Sony Centre here in Toronto and the show was simply amazing. The musicians are incredible and the music was top notch. Everyone was firing on all cylinders, especially the guitar player. Hearing 'When the Levee Breaks' live was an experience to say the least. The videos of his family were quite interesting/emotional to watch. You could certainly see the effect his father and the band has on him. I feel bad for the guy that nothing happened after the 02 as you could almost feel how badly he wanted it to continue, (in my opinion). If you have a chance to see this show, don't pass it up.
  7. Holy S$%t. That's awesome. I've never seen this. Thanks.
  8. Interesting thread. Could anyone pm me about where I might find some of these concerts. I've been directed to places to find the 02 and Earl's Court but would like more, (I have seen some on Youtube) Thanks and I apologize if this isn't appropriate, (I don't know where else to look/ask).
  9. Great track. Early OLP was awesome but after he married Chantal, things went downhill FAST.
  10. I have a quick question. I heard once on my local radio station, (Q107 in Toronto) that Robert Plant wept after watching the footage of the band at the Royal Albert Hall after it was shown at the DVD premiere. The station said/thought that it was because his vocals were so strong and he was overwhelmed. Any truth to that?
  11. Started listening to Zep 23 years ago. Changed the way I listen to ALL music. Inspired me to play guitar. Simply love them.

  12. Thanks for the info. I know that The Beach Boys are quite talented and respected, especially Brian Wilson, but it seemed like an odd pairing.
  13. Okay, what the hell is this? Jimmy and The Beach Boys? When was this recorded and for what reason? Sorry, watched the full thing and figured it's July 4th celebrations? I'm a Canadian eh.
  14. Mr. Jones, Ryerson Theatre on Sept. 5? May I ask how you found tickets? I've looked at the TIFF website and am having some difficulty. Thank you.
  15. In reference to Plant making negative comments about Morrisson, I read once that it was early in Zep's career and Jim was drunk and insulting the audience. Apparently Plant was disgusted about his behaviour. Probably when they shared the same bill though I'm not certain.
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