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  1. Ok sorry I did not the the Grant thread......I know Presence came out before...but it was never included in any promotion items for the film...like the posters or soundtrack it just looks odd there...so then where is a blimp or the Hermit...I am just sayin it was not a part of the original package. but thanks for the info on the DVD I will check it out...cheers
  2. Well there is good and bad to the TSRTS DVD. Here are my thoughts 1st there is no booklet or chapter card with the disc set just the DVDs yet they could of put just something in there so you could either read about the film or just something. 2nd am I the only one who noticed that the repeat of the Peter Grant Mob part when they leave the "hideout and exit the door" come back for like a few seconds just after the doves and opening credits and before Peter is on the phone sending the teleagrams....this cut was in the 1st version of the DVD BUT! not in the film or VHS ...how could Page have let this happen again..it could of been fixed because it was not in the original film. 3rd the editiing of sound should not of changed it on the DVD after watching this over the last 25 years I can hear the changes and I ask why did they do that just leave as is....side note ( if they ever release any more live footage just clean up the video and audio dont cut things or add I want to see the crowd and what happens on stage between songs and breaks .. i like to see everything that happened)....yes the CD is great and the DVD is good too....but I am hanging on to my VHS and release #1 on DVD just to have both version......the menu is cool but .."the object" why is that there? Presence was not out then and should not be in there. Plus I would of like to have a out take reel of all the left over footage just like they show some on the menu parts...I know there is more and would like to have seen it on here. could of put pictures of movie poster and pictures of the premere that would of been cool....ok so i am venting but really how do these things get over looked it just really bugs me. Jimmy waitng for DVD II WITH FOOTAGE FROM '69, '71, more of '75 , '77 and the entire Knebworth show'79 and the '80 tour ....its all out there please clean it up and release it but no cutting!!!
  3. If you bought TSRTS Speical Edition DVD (not colectors) was there a booklet or inner sleve or anything other than the 2 discs?
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