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  1. My brother is an addict. I have no sympathy for him or Corey Haim. My brother has a daughter to think of and you would think that would be enough. There are too many people in this world that have sympathy and will easily blame addiction. Sorry, but will power supersedes everything.
  2. Cool concept. A little extensive for a stenciled image. I actually went head and just sprayed the Jimmy symbol on the back. As a nice little tribute to the man who got me to play the guitar. It turned out alright. But it's a bit of a rush project.
  3. Black, something easy to spray on from from a stencil. On a telecaster (upper top corner).
  4. That didn't send me anywhere except a search engine.
  5. I've sanded down my Telecaster and am looking for a cool design for to stencil and spray on. Typically I'd design something myself, but I've been out of the creativity business for a long while. I need something cool. No tribal art, no yin yang or anything familiar. I need a cool symbol or imgage that would be easy to replicate and stencil. Any ideas? I'm a man by the way.
  6. I understood it was coming from her hometown, but essentially, this is a great summary of everything that has been reported over here. Do you want me to find another article? I'm still amazed how you feel that she is guilty. The proof is there. There is a reasonable doubt. Whether she is guilty or not, there wasn't enough evidence aside from circumstantial to convict her. Just because she was acting funny doesn't mean she killed that girl. Amanda was beaten, interrogated for 30 hours. Are you so sure some of this "funny" behavior wasn't invented?
  7. The last time that I heard DNA evidence was tampered with, was when OJ scooted the murder of his wife and her associate. There was also some solid evidence connecting him that night, and a pattern of abusive behavior. Amanda Knox has no known past of behavior like this.
  8. Nice, because the BBC is largely at fault for being biased in this case. You are biased. It's not your fault. And of course there is a debate in this country. Look at the link I copied. I doubt you've read all the information. There isn't any evidence linking her to the crime that night. Did she not live there? Of course her DNA would be present. I feel bad for her boyfriend as well, but the evidence against Guede is very incriminating. I guess you also missed this summary as well. "Once you put aside the wild theories the authorities have spun for the media, this case isn't myste
  9. If this in fact is all true, then it sheds quite a different light on the absurdities that the UK and Italian media outlets were reporting. This report is exactly the opposite information that was reported. Lies really. The jurors sleeping through the defense... The Prosecution with an indictment and agenda... Whether or not she had anything to do with it. That case should have been thrown out.
  10. Overview For almost a year, Italian prosecutors have been describing their case against Amanda Knox. We're finally at a point where we will start to see if the evidence really exists, and if it will hold up in court. Amanda's defense team is confident it won't. The prosecution's theory is that three people -- Amanda, her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede -- collaborated on a murder. This has never made sense. Why would Amanda and Raffaele want to harm Amanda's roommate? No one has been able to come up with a believable motive. What is even more important is that no one
  11. Clearly you've heard a very biased view on the reasons she was implicated. Do you reside in Europe? Whether or not she had anything to do with it, tainted DNA evidence and the circus that is the italian justice system would allow anyone to scoot those charges. You are from England, and with the media in your country (as well as the Italians) she was painted in a very unjust light from the get go. http://annebremner.com/Amanda%20Knox.htm
  12. I'm astounded that she was convicted. It seems to me that the only thing she did to incriminate herself was act strange during her interrogation. I'm seeing more fault within Italty's infrastructure more and more.
  13. This guy also said that Tiger was the "best athlete in the world"... Seriously? A golfer? What a joke that is. Just like some moron on inside edition or one of those talk shows referring to the music that Adam Lambert makes "Rock 'n' Roll"...
  14. There are plenty of idiots on both sides.
  15. Supposedly it's being reported that they were ejected from another politcal gathering when the people who were actually invited complained that people were sitting in their seats.
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