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  1. Pink Floyd was shit with Sid Barrett. But they broke new ground when Gilmour given more opportunity. No, you are wrong, Pink Floyd was an amazing band.
  2. You don't like Morrisey? Shame on you.
  3. So you've seen the movie, yet make stupid comments about dying young due to being over-weight? Did you miss the part where it damaged his liver, or gave him heart palpitations? That shit is bad for you, no matter what you say. And it aims itself at blue collar demographic, and children.
  4. If they get Gary Cherone, then I vow to never buy an album with Slash ever again. Swear to god. Even If Gn'R re-united, I'd just download it to spite him. C'mon now.
  5. Well, I don't comment often. But when I do, I have a lot to say most of the time. Sue me.
  6. You obviously have a lot of time on your hands also.
  7. Kate Winslet was talking about the obsession with skinny women in Holywood, in a UK magazine. Does she live in the U.S.? Sorry, but I don't count that as a reasonable source due to A, nowhere in that article does it refer to her as fat. B: Read below. We are talking about American standards, or at least I am. Find me a magazine article (american) where Kate Winslet gets called fat, and I will concede. Also, I highly doubt the UK has the problems we are having in this country with obesity. There is a fast food restaurant at every corner here. And the sugar intake in this country is insane. Hell, Dunkin' Donuts has a 2,100 calorie shake. A fucking shake. Hollywood might be obsessed with perfect bodies, but most of these stars have trainers, and have food specialists. Are they wrong for doing so? Fuck no. They are smart in my book.
  8. Personality... Acting... Fact. But the boring in bed comment is ludicrous because you haven't fucked her.
  9. When was Kate Winslet ever dubbed fat? I never said too skinny was a good thing. It's very bad for you as well. Being Obese, as well as having Anorexia are both diseases. They'll both kill you. the only thing I've seen recently was when Britney Spears was on the MTV awards show, and people weren't calling her fat for being larger then her younger self, but for wearing that stupid outfit, when she clearly didn't fit into it, with millions of people watching.
  10. I'm only trying to educate certain people.
  11. Not in this day and age. A few years ago that was the case, I remember Lara Flynn Boyle getting a lot of attention because she was too thin. But now, it's ok to be big and beautiful... You can say that the media calls a woman with a size six figure fat, but you know as well as I do, that people in America are obese, and it's a not a good thing. We have one indulgence after another here. Promoting someone like Queen Latifa is not good for the country at all. Over-weight people are only causing themselves problems. Which is why schools are taking out the sugar and also is a reason why trans-fats barely exist anymore. Caancer is one thing. Had your friend died of a heart attack due to blockage onher artery wall from fat, that would have been another story to refute my claims.
  12. First of all, don't insult me. I'm far away from being a health freak, but I at a least understand that the way i treat my body is going to help prevent issues later on down the road. And BMI isn't a guidline... I don't think you are educated enough to make these statements. Body Mass Index is a measurement mostly for body fat in relation to YOUR body. The term "healthy" on a large man or woman was invented for the same reason that the word "Voluptuous" is used today. It's meant to soften the blow, when describing someone. You know it, and I know it. And congrats, you are able to hike and run. Get on a treadmill at 10 mph and see where you land. Any doctor will tell you, that having too much fat on your body is not a good thing. It's just the way it is. So stop defending it with your pseudo information. America is full of heavier people because, like you, they are uneducated about the problems they will be exposing themselves to.
  13. You shouldn't have any desire to make certain comments about people in general. That was my problem. I'm glad you kept your mouth shut. But you should see beauty in everyone. I never saw the whale jibes, thus i didn't comment on them. Even If I didn't find her body attractive, I have no right to comment on how she looks. She's a human being. And to call Bai Ling skinny is just absurd. Look up the definition of skinny v.s. fit. You will see that Bai Ling is fit. But you obviously don't know the difference. Buddy, using Jennifer Lopez is a horrible example. Of course she works out. How do you think she maintains her figure, and how do you think she got bak to where she was, before she became pregnant. And how do you know she hasn't had any augmentation done to her ass? Bad example my friend. You aren't the smartest person if you aren't listening to your doctor. They endure medical school for a reason. Sure, eating cake tastes good. But sugar isn't healthy. I break every now and then, but I also work out to a certain extent. For the last time, It's NOT OK to be over-weight. Any doctor will tell you this. You might like sitting on the couch eating cake, but it's going to give you problems in the long run. It also depends on how much of it you eat, got me?
  14. If you think those women are "Healthy" then you better look up BMI. How tall are those women? Your perfect body, is what you consider to be attractive. A perfect body, by most standards are people who are physically fit. Low BMI numbers, toned muscles. Most people without fat, and who consume a balanced diet are in far better shape health wise. Your sister probably has a high metabolism them. Some people do. Do you know what metabolism is? You need to understand also that I never knocked anyone here for looks. You implied that you could knock Bai Ling for being too skinny. I'm telling you, that from an educated standpoint, that she is not. You think because she has small breats and ass, that she is too thin. You are stupid for thinking so. I know for a fact she exercises. I can tell by looking at her that she does. I applaud you for being able to hike, bike and whatnot. But while hiking does involve exercise, If you aren't losing weight, then you aren't increasing your stamina much. If your stamina raises, then you are pushing yourself. Which is what humans need to live healthy. Aside from stating that, the media is out to get thin people, and praises women like Queen latifa for being "big and beautiful" or "healthy". Queen Latifa is not healthy. She is over-weight, like the pictures you posted. Yes, those girls are pretty, but the fact of the matter is, that they are going to have a high body fat count.
  15. You implied that you could make comments about her size, but that they were better left unsaid. Which means that you did feel some sort of negativity towards the picture of her. Did you not? I guarantee, that if for some odd reason, she was naked in your room begging for sex, your pecker would be doing all the talking for you... And yes, being too thin, which is normally attributed to eating disorders is unhealthy. For many reasons. I lift weights, I eat right, I read a lot, and have friends that are trainers. These things lead to a healthy lifestyle. 10 out of 10 people who stick with regimens like this will become healthier. Its a balanced diet and exercise. And Bai Ling is not underweight. She is toned, and must eat healthy because she has a normal muscle growth. This can only be attributed to working out and eating right. If you don't eat right, you don't get the amount of protein to solidify muscle growth. And yes, she has what most people call "a perfect body". You need to understand that having big tits causes women all kinds on distress and pain, if their body is not big enough to support it. Its a fact that Chinese people are among the healthiest in the world. Which is why so many are thin and not fat. Unlike us Americans. Why? Because we don't live with balance. We are lazy, and let technology do the daily work for us. And most Americans don't eat anything that resembles a balanced diet.
  16. Bai Ling isn't anything special. She actually doesn't look good when not in makeup. But she does have a great body.
  17. Call me dumb, but Jessica Alba just doesn't do it for me. In fact, I think she's over-rated. My all time favorite... And she's an Ohioan to boot. Aside from my girlfriend of course.
  18. So you are into chicks as well huh? Do I bring this up a little too much?
  19. I did, my original post. I added some other thoughts/ examples.
  20. Obesity is a disease. Thyroid conditions are not. Being lazy, and eating poorly lead to gaining weight. Strengthening your muscles, eating properly (low sugar, whole grains) and eating vegetables (carbs) lead to a healthy lifestyle. Most of the guys who make negative comments are just jealous, and most are agitated by good looking women, because they aren't able to interact with them on the level in which they'd like. People who don't take care of themselves are asking for it. You are going to get older, your health is going to decline. Being over-weight is going to add fat deposits in your arteries. and you are going to have problems. You will also be at a higher risk for diabetes. The woman in the first picture is over-weight. No matter how you slice it, she isn't healthy. It's a little ridiculous to think that it's acceptable, and that it's ok to knock women who take care of themselves. It's because most of these guys here are liars, and or have never been with a woman who isn't "voluptuous". Most men would jump on the woman in your second picture. They either just don't know it, until they have the chance, or they are lying to themselves. It's actually pretty pathetic... Like Whats his face said, "Now you see, I could make all sorts of disrespectful comments about that picture and that woman's lack of figure and weight....but I won't. As I said, if there is nothing nice to say, best not to say anything at all."
  21. So the fact that you like big women means that it's ok for you to want to make disrespectful comments about a woman with a perfect figure? Last time I checked into it, having fat on your body was less healthy then not. There is no reason for people to complain about a woman with a perfect body. And in case you couldn't see, Bai Ling is Asian. Most Asian women, are pretty thin. Guess that rules out you liking Asian women...
  22. Yeah, OK... You must not have a penis. Bai Ling is stunning.
  23. You gave it a B? Are you crazy? that movie deserved a A as far as comic movies go. I'd say it was the second best comic adaptation since Batman Begins. The ending doesn't make much sense, as far as the comics are concerned. Tony Stark never revealed himself to be Iron Man, aside from the Civil War story line. Iron Man was always known to be Tony Starks bodyguard.
  24. You should really look into the use of periods. <--- like that, for example.
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