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  1. What I meant was that the tour was never a confirmed event. I'm sorry if you understood otherwise.
  2. Plus, no one ever said they were going to tour. It was never confirmed. People have formed this line of thought out of rumors.
  3. We're just discussing possibilities, however unfeasable they may be. And we all have different points of view, so post and express yourself.
  4. There is no question: JPJ is a fine musician. I would go watch him in concert alone anytime. The thing is, I would rather they make new music, along with the classic ones like Black Dog.
  5. Oh right. They could also play songs from The Thunderthief, but still. I rather they make new music.
  6. Wow, Queen is winning. I never thought Queen was a rock band.
  7. It would never be the same. Sure his voice is a little rusty, but everything can happen nowadays. If they go for the tour, his voice will be perfect.
  8. i would certainly choose velvet revolver to open, just because their music is, well first of all, good, and second of all, fast. i wouldve said linkin park before that crappy minutes to midnight came along. another 70s band would always be good, better than most modern day bands just because of the style and ambient of the concert
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