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  1. that was the very first boot i picked up (of any band) that got me into live music. I found it on ebay and got it for about £25 total. probably over the odds but overall, it was very much worth it
  2. "traditional" means it has a tradition around it, which in turn usually means it's been around for awhile. If you credit a traditional song as "traditional" rather than trying to claim it as your own, that surely gives you more credibility than someone trying to claim they wrote it even though other people have been playing it before they supposedly wrote it?
  3. i have a LZ boot that lasts about 3.75 hours...i can quite believe they did a 4.5 hour show But Ringo was actually a damn good drummer. Not as good as bonham IMO, but then, we *are* on a led zeppelin forum here, folks...
  4. i'd just like to weigh in here regarding the sound of soundboards vs. audience. While i'd agree that the soundboards take at least some of the "feel" out of the performances, for some of us, we don't have much option - alot of audience recordings are actually really poor sound-quality wise although i haven't been comparing the proportion of good auidence recordings from their later years with the proportion of good audience recordings from their earlier years - maybe more of the later years audience recordings are of a listenable quality
  5. wow. Think i'm gonna have to bookmark that site! only wish i'd been here when you first asked for submissions for the book. Not that that would have guaranteed getting into it.
  6. of course i don't see it as being the same band now... but with bonzo's son, who has been described as playing with a similar style to his dad, the o2 lineup is as close as you can get to the original, and IMO still worthy of doing a tour with the Led Zeppelin name. You can't really blame them for changing their minds and trying to resurrect the band, if only for short stints at a time.
  7. well i can sympathise. Although from what i can tell of your story my time has been easier than yours, and i got ill a few years older than you did (but not many). I am still on meds but going well! There are more of us out there than you think...
  8. there's another one, called "The Early Blues Roots of Led Zeppelin", but i forget how much you can get it for. Basically, alot of their songs are traditional blues arrangements, modified and/or reworked, sometimes so as to become barely recognisable. The only issue some have with this is that they didn't (when they originally released their albums) credit any of the original artists (where known), instead they just credited themselves. Some see this as a bit disingenuous. Personally, i like to think it is more a case of they took inspiration from so many sources that it would have seemed a
  9. if they release a new album with the new lineup, i *will* buy it...and if i don't like it, meh, i'll sell it and content myself with listening to classic zep instead of their new stuff. I only hope, if they do release an album of new stuff, they release it a good time before anouncing a tour. To give me time to soak it up, and decide if i wanna pay to see them perform new stuff (and if so, how much would i pay at most?)
  10. luckily for me, the better sound quality stuff is, for the most part, either not as rare or/and not as sought after At the moment, i'm not a big enough fan to stand listening to the majority of the audience recordings. And i have tried loads recently. I know i know, soundboards are seen by many collectors as being "sterile" well, if "sterile" means little or no audience noise and other artifacts, then i prefer "sterile". That's probably why i also love the studio outtakes and demos =+)
  11. on a similar note, i would like to know of any good rock music photo books. I'm talking about pics of solo artists or full bands performing, live preferably, although i'd settle for some studio pics too. But primarily of rock musicians, as i mentioned at the start (this is the music that interests me the most) i'm after pics that are at least A4 in size, and also preferably in colour
  12. heheh it does epitomise rock music doesn't it? BTW, forgot to put in the beginning of the thread, i am wondering what sort of things you might say to them *apart from* the standard things that not just fans, but reporters and so on, want to know (e.g. will there be a tour?)
  13. hmm...i just found *another* "tribute to johnny kidd and the pirates" by LZ...with 28 tracks! i was gonna buy it, but i will first ask the seller if it is a soundboard. I'm afraid i don't usually like the lesser sound quality recordings, even if they are the only way (currently) to get what are considered some of the best live performances
  14. Well, firstly i would thank them for their work with Led Zeppelin. I would then thank them for helping greatly with the development of my musical taste. It's thanks to LZ that i have started checking out some old blues artists, and even a little bit of jazz, latin and indian music!
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