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  1. luckily for me, the better sound quality stuff is, for the most part, either not as rare or/and not as sought after At the moment, i'm not a big enough fan to stand listening to the majority of the audience recordings. And i have tried loads recently. I know i know, soundboards are seen by many collectors as being "sterile" well, if "sterile" means little or no audience noise and other artifacts, then i prefer "sterile". That's probably why i also love the studio outtakes and demos =+)
  2. on a similar note, i would like to know of any good rock music photo books. I'm talking about pics of solo artists or full bands performing, live preferably, although i'd settle for some studio pics too. But primarily of rock musicians, as i mentioned at the start (this is the music that interests me the most) i'm after pics that are at least A4 in size, and also preferably in colour
  3. thanks for the stories, i love reading about peoples' experiences of zeppelin in their original form. Can't say i'd blame any band, even one as big as zeppelin was, for effectively disappearing from public for a couple of years after the death of a close relative of a band member. OK, so some people deal with loss by throwing themselves at work, well obviously not Plant.
  4. i already posted this elsewhere but here goes: (I have read the following online and have not tried to confirm its authenticity yet) There was a case brought in the US...sometime in the '80s i think...against the bands or record companies of bands of one or two heavy metal bands, including Judas Priest. There had been a few teenagers who had been heavily into their music who had gone and committed suicide. Anyway the claim was that these bands had hidden backwards messages in some tracks urging the listener to commit suicide. As part of the defense, one particular track (it may have been of a completely different band to those who were the defendants) was played backwards to the jury. Then, the jury were given a copy of some words that could supposedly be heard in the track, then the track was played again. The point of this was to demonstrate that, once you have been told what message can be heard in a piece of music being played backwards, it is alot easier for you to hear that message, whereas listening to the tune backwards without knowing what you're looking for will not allow you to hear words, unless there really is a hidden message that has been backwards masked (as the beatles did in some of their tracks) In short, i have listened to Stairway To Heaven backwards with a copy of the supposed entire song's worth of backwards-masked words that are supposed to be some kind of "black mass" or something. My personal opinion is that whilst there may be a short message hidden in there, i do not agree with there being an entire song's worth in there. On a similar note, as i also mentioned in the other thread, i have personal experience of the effects of psychosis, a mental disorder that alters your perceptions, sometimes drastically. I'm sure there are many songs that, if you listened to them backwards in that state, you'd be able to make out words that seemed to make a certain sort of sense. This is what i think happened to produce the song's worth of supposedly backwards-masked words that can be heard. When i was somewhat worse than i am now (well on the mend, thankfully), i heard different words that still made sense when listening to songs FORWARDS, so i am sure if i'd have listened to them backwards it would have blown my mind...
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